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PBC News & Comment: Defensive FBI Director Offers Lame Explanations

Jim Comey ducks many important questions, can’t explain the different treatment of Clinton and Trump investigations during the 2016 election….--Comey’s double standard draws good questions from Sens. Leahy, Feinstein, Franken, Hirono and Coons, but no credible answers

--NSA reports it has cut back on phone metadata collection, use of National Security Letters and other surveillance tactics

--13 House Dems send letter to AG Sessions, seeking info on social media surveillance

--Stephen Colbert slammed Trump pretty hard Monday night, leading right-wingers to demand he be fired for oral sex joke they tag “homophobic”

--Jimmy Kimmel’s heart-wrenching story about his baby with heart defects stokes opposition to Obamacare repeal as GOP pretends to fix pre-existing condition issue

--California’s Molina Healthcare’s leaders are dumped in boardroom coup for supporting Obamacare

--Trump meets with Palestinian leader Abbas and makes insincere noises about peace with Israel

--Dreamers who registered under Obama’s DACA are in database that makes them easy to target for deportation, with 25% increase under Trump

--corporate prison operator writes a bill in Texas to lower standards for detention of children, in order to fill corporate prisons

--in desperation, Puerto Rico seeks a form of bankruptcy in novel process

--the cops who murdered Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge last year get off without charges

--in Dallas suburb, the cop who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards last Saturday is fired

--in shocking comment, Nancy Pelosi says abortion is “fading as an issue” for Democrats

--UC president Janet Napolitano, former Homeland Security director, is grilled by legislators after audit shows hidden budgets of $175 million

--Facebook will hire 3,000 people to monitor videos

--comedian and satirist Will Durst offers his report card on Trump's first 100 days