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PBC News & Comment: Partying With Despotic Monarchs, Trump Tries to Divide Muslims

Exhibiting his ignorance and attraction to dictators, Trump delivers weapons deal to Saudis, attempts to split Sunni and Shia Muslims…

–while Iran is hardly a western-style democracy, Rouhani’s re-election contrasts with Trump’s embrace of Saudi and Egyptian despots

–Prof. Juan Cole of UMich has some good analysis here and here

–in latest sordid transaction, Jared Kushner negotiated $110 billion arms deal, then Saudis agree to kick back $100 million to Ivanka’s fund for women entrepreneurs

–federal ethics watchdog battles White House over waivers given to former lobbyists appointed by Trump

–Trump arrived in Israel today, as Netanyahu battles hardline Zionists over meaningless gestures to Palestinians

–in major disclosure, NY Times reveals that under Obama, China shut down more than a dozen US spies by killing or imprisoning them

–using passive-aggressive tactics, TrumpCo works to kill Obamacare by rattling insurance markets and prolonging uncertainty over 2018

–new estimates show 629,000 visitors overstayed US visas in 2016

–Loathesome Bills: Cosby trial enters jury selection phase; O’Reilly is eyed by smaller networks after Fox firing

–Assange says he will stay at London embassy of Ecuador, NY Times offers weak support in editorial

–turning the tables, Turkey protests DC security last week during Erdogan visit where Turkish goons attacked protesters

–in tight race for state party chair, California Dems battle and Berniecrat demands audit after narrow loss

–Notre Dame grads walked out of Mike Pence speech in healthy numbers, but some commencement speakers are being silenced