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PBC News & Comment: Chelsea Manning’s Leaks Caused No Real Harm

Jason Leopold’s FOIA lawsuit prods release of secret report used at Manning’s court martial, showing no major damage from leaks….--read the Buzzfeed report here

--dashcam video of Philando Castile’s killing by cop stokes new outrage over cop’s exoneration

--special election loss in Georgia District 6 shows establishment Dems are clueless about voter suppression and election fraud, as well as failed centrist candidates

--calls for new leadership come from progressives and conservaDems

--Newsweek argues that Seth Rich was victim of serial killer, based on speculation from little-known group that actually said the perp was likely “a hired killer or serial murderer”

--former DHS director Jeh Johnson says DNC refused assistance in hacking investigation

--a current DHS official claims “Russia” tried to hack election systems in 21 states

--as Prince Jared arrives in Israel for “peace” talks, Netanyahu makes big splash about construction of first new illegal settlement in 25 years

--in deadly scheme with Israel, Palestinian Authority pushes for further reductions in electricity for Gaza as summer heat peaks

--the latest whiner about secret GOP health bill is Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who is on the secret team that’s supposed to be drafting it

--GOP Sen. John Barasso, who claims to be a medical doctor, defends massive cuts to Medicaid while admitting that it underpays doctors already

--on eve of DC meetings with Chinese officials, Trump fires a tweet that could badly damage his plan to get China to curb North Korea. Smart.

--the latest anonymous leak to NY Times about Trump/Russia shows that new CIA director Pompeo continued to brief Flynn after Yates said he was “compromised”

--trial depositions reveal thinking of CIA torture consultants Jessen and Mitchell

--ConsortiumNews article recaps Bob Mueller’s role in abusive detention of American Muslims after 9/11