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PBC News & Comment: Demagogue Targets Pro Athletes

Trump’s latest tirade, intended to divide athletes and owners, provokes unity amid hypocrisy, and further demeans the presidency and nation…--at The Intercept, new columnist Shaun King praises Kaepernick and exposes hypocristy of Trump-loving NFL owners

--Trump started the exchange of insults and threats with Kim, followed by US flyover, leads to new threat to shoot down US planes in international airspace

--Trump’s insults and casual threats of annihilation draw cheers from fans in Alabama, and scare rational people

--the “generals” who are trying to restrain our idiot president have leaked that “Rocket man” and “totally destroy” were not in the text of UN speech

--in Sunday solo editorial, NY Times says Trump squanders the world’s trust

--op-ed offers important history about North Korea, offers good advice for current showdown

--Trump travel ban 3.0 gratuitously adds North Korea and Venezuela, appears to be indefinite

--Supreme Court cancels October 10 hearing on travel ban 2.0

--Milo Yiannopoulos and other right wingers snookered UC Berkeley with threat of “free speech week”, and the tab is $800,000

--Bernie Sanders was here on Friday to promote single payer at nurses confab

--independence for Iraqi Kurds is put to vote today, as US and allies oppose it, and Turkey threatens reprisals; Joe Lauria reports from Erbil

--Lock Him Up? Crown Prince Jared Kushner using private email for govt work

--Lock Him Up! Disgraced congressman Anthony Wiener gets 21-month prison term

--Trump’s watchdog on Wall Street voluntarily removes his fangs, calls for self-regulation by big banks and others