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PBC News & Comment: Dems and Repubs in Deep Trouble

Under Tom Perez, pro-corporate, anti-Sanders people benefit from purge, as Steve Bannon rips into GOP establishment at California party convention…–many California Republicans cower as Bannon promotes Trumpist disruption, further weakening GOP here

–DNC meets in Las Vegas, as chair Tom Perez purges allies of Ellison and Sanders, names lobbyists and Clinton supporters to key committees and superdelagate jobs

–in Virginia, progressive candidate for Lt. Gov. is removed from campaign ads after opposing oil pipelines

–Trump’s blunders and lies about condolences move into week 2, as he rebuts the widow of Sgt. Johnson after her TV interview

–Trump’s “voter fraud” panel is in disarray, as 2 members go public with complaints of being left out of the loop

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang exposes lobbyist who wrote law to limit DEA actions against opiod distributors

NY Times exposes DEA lies about botched raid in Honduras in 2012

The Times published a video re-creation of the Las Vegas mass shooting, omitting any reference to a possible second shooter, omitting time of room entry

–the “gray lady” also reviews the work of Congressional investigations into the Russiagate narrative, which are all in disarray

–promoter of the Magnistsky story, Bill Browder, was placed on Interpol wanted list by Russia

–China uses casino magnate Steve Wynn as courier, and Trump calls for deportation of Chinese dissident who is Mar-a-Lago member

–undocumented pregnant teen “Jane Doe” seeks en banc review of her appeals of Trumpists who are blocking her access to an abortion

–new, damaging evidence against utility PG&E, which has huge backlog of repairs in Wine Country fire zones

–Gareth Porter shows how Trump’s Iran moves are driven by Netanyahu

–Rexxon Tillerson begs Saudi buddies to help create conflict with Iran, then makes secret visit to Afghanistan, days after mosque attack kills 67

–Spain officially moves to oust Catalan leaders and impose direct control

–from Prague: oligarch called “Czech Trump” wins sweeping victory

–Fox signed new 4-years deal with O’Reilly right after he made huge settlement in sexual harassment case last January

–highly articulate 11-year-old boy scout bounced from his pack after he asked tough questions of state senator