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PBC News & Comment: New Evidence: ’16 Primaries Rigged for Clinton, General Rigged for Trump

Donna Brazile tries to rebuild reputation, confirming DNC helped cheat Sanders; exit polls show November tally rigged to elect Trump…--Politico’s excerpt of Brazile’s book is here

--Vice notes that Brazile’s credibility is damaged

--election analyst Jonathan Simon uses exit polls to show that vote count was rigged for Trump

-Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio says Bernie would’ve beaten Donald

--accused New York attacker was among other Uzbeks in US targeted by FBI, reports Trevor Aaronson

--Saipov waived Miranda rights, and charges filed indicate he has incriminated himself pretty deeply

--Trump risks harming trial by tweeting calls for death penalty, as he backs away from suggestions to send him to Guantanamo

--at Gitmo, the kangaroo court is crumbling, as judge locks up chief defense counsel for refusing to order resigned lawyers to continue in Cole case; Rachael Maddow gave it excellent coverage, based on the work of Miami Herald’s Carol Rosenberg

--in Wine Country fires investigation, power line restart devices are prime suspects

--TrumpCo is using every means to kill Obamacare, cutting marketing and enrollment budgets, even though net premiums decline for many

--GOP leaders nervously unveil tax cut plans, which are half-baked and already opposed by key GOP constituencies

--Trump dumps Yellen, names Jerome Powell new Fed chair

--a few days ago, Sam Clovis was just an unqualified Trump nominee; after Papadopoulos plea deal, he has withdrawn

--Christie opioid commission issues report, with vague hopes for funding new efforts to address massive addiction

--Dem Senators try to block Pharma’s revolving door to DEA and other agencies

--House Dems use obscure law to demand details of Trump’s lease of DC’s Old Post Office, now site of Trump hotel

--Spanish judge orders jail without bail for Catalan independence leaders