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PBC News & Comment: Can We Differentiate Between Sexual Assault and Bad Behavior?

Zero tolerance applied to Roy Moore, Bill Clinton and now Al Franken, as due process, presumption of innocence are discarded…--as an extreme example, we all are appalled by the rape of Rohynga women by uniformed Myanmar soldiers

--Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore assaulted at least one teenager 35 years ago, and 8 other women detail his creepy behavior at Gadsden Mall

--in response, GOP’s media echo chamber plays “What About…” and revives credible, but unproven charges by Paula Jones, Anita Broaddrick and others

--and GOP jumps all over Al Franken, who is accused of French kissing a woman on USO tour, then staging gag photo with his hands over her breasts

--Franken agrees to ethics investigation, and is castigated by many Democratic colleagues

--yesterday, 2 men were released from prison—one after 27 years, another after 50 years—for murder and rape they didn’t commit

--New Jersey’s sleazy Sen. Bob Menendez scores a mistrial in bribery trial

--in our new in-depth interview, independent journalist Joe Lauria talks about his important report on Russiagate that was censored by Huffington Post

--noting that Russiagate is being used to promote claims of Russian interference in Brexit vote, Robert Parry says that Israel is more influential in US than Russia

--did Twitter leak the WikiLeaks-Don Trump Jr messages at urging of Sen. Feinstein?

--Caitlin Johnstone argues that we all should copy Assange—disrupting the unelected power structure is a worthy goal

--China sends envoy to North Korea, which may or may not lead to breakthrough sought by Trump

--in narrow vote, House approves tax cuts for corporations at the expense of average taxpayers and the poor