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PBC News & Comment: Can We Differentiate Between Sexual Assault and Bad Behavior?

Zero tolerance applied to Roy Moore, Bill Clinton and now Al Franken, as due process, presumption of innocence are discarded…–as an extreme example, we all are appalled by the rape of Rohynga women by uniformed Myanmar soldiers

–Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore assaulted at least one teenager 35 years ago, and 8 other women detail his creepy behavior at Gadsden Mall

–in response, GOP’s media echo chamber plays “What About…” and revives credible, but unproven charges by Paula Jones, Anita Broaddrick and others

–and GOP jumps all over Al Franken, who is accused of French kissing a woman on USO tour, then staging gag photo with his hands over her breasts

–Franken agrees to ethics investigation, and is castigated by many Democratic colleagues

–yesterday, 2 men were released from prison—one after 27 years, another after 50 years—for murder and rape they didn’t commit

–New Jersey’s sleazy Sen. Bob Menendez scores a mistrial in bribery trial

–in our new in-depth interview, independent journalist Joe Lauria talks about his important report on Russiagate that was censored by Huffington Post

–noting that Russiagate is being used to promote claims of Russian interference in Brexit vote, Robert Parry says that Israel is more influential in US than Russia

–did Twitter leak the WikiLeaks-Don Trump Jr messages at urging of Sen. Feinstein?

–Caitlin Johnstone argues that we all should copy Assange—disrupting the unelected power structure is a worthy goal

–China sends envoy to North Korea, which may or may not lead to breakthrough sought by Trump

–in narrow vote, House approves tax cuts for corporations at the expense of average taxpayers and the poor