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PBC News & Comment: FCC Nixes Net Neutrality

FCC move gives more power to ISP’s and big distributors who pay tolls for fast lanes; Disney announces Fox acquisition….--lawsuits against the FCC decision are imminent

--Disney buys Murdoch’s Fox studio and cable sports operations for $52 billion

--as Murdoch fights accusations of bribes paid for TV soccer rights

--Robert Parry reports that leaked text messages between FBI officials suggest the Deep State did try to derail Trump’s candidacy

--many trees felled as WashPost drops two megastories based on anonymous sources: one about Trump’s dance on Russian “meddling” and another about Obama’s secret retaliation plans

--DC-area radio station that carries Sputnik programs is required to register as foreign agent

--secret wheeling and dealing by Republicans leads to some changes to corporate tax cut bill, shifting more burden to working families

--top GOP leaders including Speaker Ryan will line their pockets with tax cut benefits they engineered, details here

--in new in-depth interview, attorney Larry Bragman talks about some success with suit to block Dakota Access pipeline

--latest METOO allegations lead Morgan Spurlock to apologize and Tavis Smiley to fight

--Salma Hayek reveals her battles with Harvey Weinstein, and Russell Simmons now has 4 serious accusers

--Kentucky preacher-turn-legislator denied sex assault claim, then killed himself

--survey of employees at Interior Dept. reveals widespread harassment, esp. in National Park Service

--deal is possible for Rohyngas to return to Myanmar, as report gives low estimate of 6,700 killed in August alone

--full legalization of marijuana in California takes effect January 1, but small growers are threatened and local officials are delaying full implementation