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PBC News & Comment: FCC Nixes Net Neutrality

FCC move gives more power to ISP’s and big distributors who pay tolls for fast lanes; Disney announces Fox acquisition….–lawsuits against the FCC decision are imminent

–Disney buys Murdoch’s Fox studio and cable sports operations for $52 billion

–as Murdoch fights accusations of bribes paid for TV soccer rights

–Robert Parry reports that leaked text messages between FBI officials suggest the Deep State did try to derail Trump’s candidacy

–many trees felled as WashPost drops two megastories based on anonymous sources: one about Trump’s dance on Russian “meddling” and another about Obama’s secret retaliation plans

–DC-area radio station that carries Sputnik programs is required to register as foreign agent

–secret wheeling and dealing by Republicans leads to some changes to corporate tax cut bill, shifting more burden to working families

–top GOP leaders including Speaker Ryan will line their pockets with tax cut benefits they engineered, details here

–in new in-depth interview, attorney Larry Bragman talks about some success with suit to block Dakota Access pipeline

–latest METOO allegations lead Morgan Spurlock to apologize and Tavis Smiley to fight

–Salma Hayek reveals her battles with Harvey Weinstein, and Russell Simmons now has 4 serious accusers

–Kentucky preacher-turn-legislator denied sex assault claim, then killed himself

–survey of employees at Interior Dept. reveals widespread harassment, esp. in National Park Service

–deal is possible for Rohyngas to return to Myanmar, as report gives low estimate of 6,700 killed in August alone

–full legalization of marijuana in California takes effect January 1, but small growers are threatened and local officials are delaying full implementation