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PBC News & Comment: Net Neutrality Repeal Sparks Backlash

FCC’s corporate giveaway on net neutrality prompts wave of lawsuits, and state legislation to protect all users from discrimination….–in silly photo op, Trump poses with stacks of paper, representing growth of regulation and his desire to cut rules, even if results are dangerous

–two examples in the news: coal mining rules eased, fast food labor rules altered

–new round of White House leaks suggest that Rexxon Tillerson’s days are numbered as Secretary of State

–at The American Conservative, Daniel Martin sizes up the anti-war movement, and doesn’t find much

–at TomDispatch, Andrew Bacevich asks where is the outrage about nonstop war?

–in annual news conference, Putin is puzzled by Trump/Russia scandal

Buzzfeed treads lightly on story of Russian hacker who claims he hacked DNC and Clinton emails that weren’t hacked

–veteran Russia expert Stephen Cohen slams Dems and MSM over Russiagate, defends Flynn and Tillerson

–actress Omarosa Manigault-Newman leaves White House, prepared to capitalize on her experience as only black woman on Trump’s staff

–Democrats ramp up demands for Trump to resign over sex accusations, but avoid talk of impeachment

–after Alabama senate victory, Dems hope to retake Senate…but their message is muddled without championing Medicare for all and impeachment

–in our new in-depth interview, Norman Solomon reports on the DNC Unity Reform Commission; elimination of superdelegates is unlikely

–sex offender file today includes Judge Alex Kozinski, Dustin Hoffman and Tavis Smiley

–Somali-Americans being deported by ICE were shackled for 46 hours, denied bathrooms and some were beaten

–inspector general reports widespread abuse of detainees at immigration prisons

–hundreds of travelers had Global Entry passes revoked in apparent ethnic and religious profiling

-GOP’s wheeling and dealing on corporate tax cuts comes to an end, and lobbyists ruled the secretive process, but CHIP insurance program remains unfunded