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PBC News & Comment: Moderate Dems Doom Party to Irrelevance

DINO Joe Manchin of West Virginia drags Democrats to the right at wrong time, as cautious, poll-driven corporate leaders miscalculate….–Manchin pressed Schumer to end shutdown over Dreamers, said “this place sucks” and now says he will seek another term in November

NY Times columnist Frank Bruni dialogues with former MA governor Deval Patrick and centrist consultant Joe Trippi to preach wrong sermon to Dems

–Democratic pollster warns that young voters will sit out midterms unless the party takes on Trump

–as he responded to Manchin, Schumer made a big blunder: offering full funding for The Wall; now, he’s trying to unring the bell, and it will fail

–videos show Border Patrol agents destroying water bottles left for immigrants by humanitarian group, and one of its members is arrested

–in an effort to inoculate the public against Russiagate skepticism, Washington Post runs “explainer” about “anti-FBI conspiracy theories”

–after firing Comey, Trump asked #2 FBI boss Andy McCabe who he voted for for president

–leaks indicate that Mueller’s team has interviewed Comey, Sessions, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo

–New York City filles $500 million lawsuit against corporate drug kingpins who profited from millions addicted to opiods, thousands who have died

–Trump, who was never invited to Davos by fellow CEO’s, descends on forum with most of his wealthy cabinet members….what’s their agenda?

–after 150 victim statements, former gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar gets 40 to 175 years

–Rep. Pat Meehan refuses to resign over sexual harassment settlement, offers public confession about his “soul mate”

–NFL rejects ad in Superbowl program from veterans group, urging crowd to stand for national anthem

–in San Francisco, identity politics loses out in vote for interim mayor

–on its website, NSA changes mission statement, deletes “honesty” and “openness” from core values listing

–doctors who examined Julian Assange report that his confinement has led to “dangerous” impact on physical and mental health

–unnamed American with dual citizenship is still held in Iraq, and ACLU wins restrictions on his transfer to Saudi Arabia

–Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangchen exposes Apple’s deal which enables massive government surveillance in op-ed