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PBC News & Comment: DACA Deal Uncertain, as Dems Disarm for Budget Deal

Senate and House rush to pass budget bill, after Pelosi’s 8-hour marathon attempting to re-link Dreamers to budget, it’s unpredictable….–in 2-year budget deal agreement by Senate leaders, Dems get funding for domestic programs in exchange for whopping Pentagon boost and no-shutdown promise

–Speaker Ryan responds to Pelosi’s filibuster with promise to pass immigration bill “that Trump will sign”, leaving Dreamers hostage to The Wall

–war in Syria escalates again, as Trump builds new incoherent policy on foundation of Obama’s incoherent policy

–veteran Mideast observer Charles Glass fears another long war is unfolding in Syria, with the US mired for years to come

–at Consortium News, Caitlin Johnstone blows the lid off the White Helmets, now a global phenomenon

–in neighboring Israel, Netanyahu attacks law enforcement as corruption indictments loom

–SEAL on SEAL murder in Africa last year leads to investigation of SEAL Team 6

–at TomDispatch, Nick Turse reveals the $500 million missing from AFRICOM

–as Rob Porter becomes 38th appointee to leave Trump White House, The Nation’s John Nichols says his boss, John Kelly, should be next to exit

–also at The Nation, Prof. Stephen Cohen recaps the big questions of Trump/Russia narrative, and asks, is it Russiagate or Intelgate?

–Caitlin Johnstone (again!) nails Rob Reiner and other liberals who now defend the liars in the intel community

–many lefty Facebook friends cited an expert on stolen elections to support Russian meddling claims, and that’s George W. Bush