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PBC News & Comment: CIA-Russia Caper to Recover Cyberweapons Bombed

–In fresh, leak-based report, NY Times says CIA offered $1 million to Russian who said he possessed stolen NSA cyberweapons, Trump dirt….–late Friday, Trump declined to release Democrats’ rebuttal to Nunes memo

–at The Nation, Aaron Maté uses Nunes memo to launch recap of evidence-free Trump/Russia claims over the past year

–at Consortium News, Philip Giraldi comments on the Nunes memo

–at the conservative National Interest, some interesting comments on Democrats’ obsession with Russia from Ted Galen Carpenter

–Steven Rosenfeld at Alternet examines the claims of Russian hacking of election sites in 2016

–Glenn Greenwald nails Laurence Tribe as “deranged Russia conspiracist” on same day Prof Tribe co-authors NY Times op-ed

–in our latest in-depth interview, journalist Reese Erlich updates the claims that US diplomats were sickened by sonic weapons in Havana

–Trump’s budget plan, neutered by last week’s vote, offers dark view of GOP plans, including privatization of airports and highways

–in Syria’s shooting gallery, Israel enters the fray and one of its F-16’s is shot down

–and Turkey resumes airstrikes against Kurds, as Reese Erlich comments

–Trump made comments to Israeli newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson that would’ve gotten Obama impeached