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PBC News & Comment: CIA-Russia Caper to Recover Cyberweapons Bombed

--In fresh, leak-based report, NY Times says CIA offered $1 million to Russian who said he possessed stolen NSA cyberweapons, Trump dirt….--late Friday, Trump declined to release Democrats’ rebuttal to Nunes memo

--at The Nation, Aaron Maté uses Nunes memo to launch recap of evidence-free Trump/Russia claims over the past year

--at Consortium News, Philip Giraldi comments on the Nunes memo

--at the conservative National Interest, some interesting comments on Democrats’ obsession with Russia from Ted Galen Carpenter

--Steven Rosenfeld at Alternet examines the claims of Russian hacking of election sites in 2016

--Glenn Greenwald nails Laurence Tribe as “deranged Russia conspiracist” on same day Prof Tribe co-authors NY Times op-ed

--in our latest in-depth interview, journalist Reese Erlich updates the claims that US diplomats were sickened by sonic weapons in Havana

--Trump’s budget plan, neutered by last week’s vote, offers dark view of GOP plans, including privatization of airports and highways

--in Syria’s shooting gallery, Israel enters the fray and one of its F-16’s is shot down

--and Turkey resumes airstrikes against Kurds, as Reese Erlich comments

--Trump made comments to Israeli newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson that would've gotten Obama impeached