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PBC News & Comment: Britain Blames Russia for Poisoning Ex-Spy

Using slippery spy lingo, Prime Minister May blames Russia for March 4 incident that left “retired” double agent and daughter ill….--Putin has repeatedly asked for arms reduction talks, 4 senators respond, and corporate media ignores them

--Trump pursues a nuclear deal with North Korea as he tries to unravel Obama’s agreement with Iran and remains silent on Russia

--NBC and Megyn Kelly laid a trap for Putin, but Vlad outspins her, while musing that “Jews” may have meddled in US elections

--NYU Russian scholar Eliot Borenstein debunks the reflexive anti-Semitic claims

--trying to ride the wave, Schumer and Pelosi issue laughable demand for extradition of the St. Petersburg troll farm 13

--longtime critic of Israel Alison Weir exposes Israel’s range of web trolling operations after YouTube took down videos from If Americans Knew

--at The Intercept, veteran Mideast observer Charles Glass comments on Ronen Bergman’s book detailing Israeli assassination operations

--Bill Maher hosts Israel defender Bari Weiss of NY Times again, allows her to claim to be free speech advocate while ignoring Glenn Greenwald’s expose of Weiss

--Dems bury dumb party loyalists in emails supporting Conor Lamb in special election for House near Pittsburgh

--Trump held rally Saturday in Pennsylvania, attacking media and spewing lies as he soaked up the adulation of his Twitter followers

--CBS now says it will air Stormy Daniels interview next week, as Trump’s effort to silence the porn actress confirms her story

--in Radio WhoWhatWhy podcast, A.C.Thompson exposes growing neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen, and asks “where’s the FBI?”

--the new Disney film A Wrinkle in Time is an incredible achievement for my friend Catherine Hand