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PBC News & Comment: Britain Blames Russia for Poisoning Ex-Spy

Using slippery spy lingo, Prime Minister May blames Russia for March 4 incident that left “retired” double agent and daughter ill….–Putin has repeatedly asked for arms reduction talks, 4 senators respond, and corporate media ignores them

–Trump pursues a nuclear deal with North Korea as he tries to unravel Obama’s agreement with Iran and remains silent on Russia

NBC and Megyn Kelly laid a trap for Putin, but Vlad outspins her, while musing that “Jews” may have meddled in US elections

–NYU Russian scholar Eliot Borenstein debunks the reflexive anti-Semitic claims

–trying to ride the wave, Schumer and Pelosi issue laughable demand for extradition of the St. Petersburg troll farm 13

–longtime critic of Israel Alison Weir exposes Israel’s range of web trolling operations after YouTube took down videos from If Americans Knew

–at The Intercept, veteran Mideast observer Charles Glass comments on Ronen Bergman’s book detailing Israeli assassination operations

–Bill Maher hosts Israel defender Bari Weiss of NY Times again, allows her to claim to be free speech advocate while ignoring Glenn Greenwald’s expose of Weiss

–Dems bury dumb party loyalists in emails supporting Conor Lamb in special election for House near Pittsburgh

–Trump held rally Saturday in Pennsylvania, attacking media and spewing lies as he soaked up the adulation of his Twitter followers

–CBS now says it will air Stormy Daniels interview next week, as Trump’s effort to silence the porn actress confirms her story

–in Radio WhoWhatWhy podcast, A.C.Thompson exposes growing neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen, and asks “where’s the FBI?”

–the new Disney film A Wrinkle in Time is an incredible achievement for my friend Catherine Hand