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PBC News & Comment: Trump Dumps Rexxon, House Intel Ends Probe

Trump tweet’s Tillerson firing, and musical chairs move torturess to CIA boss, as GOP-run House Intel ends its useless Russiagate investigation…..leaks to Bloomberg say Mueller almost finished with obstruction case, but might wait to file charges

–Roger Stone’s claims of contact with WikiLeaks are scrutinized, but Assange denies them

–Tillerson’s firing follows thankless “shithole apology tour” of Africa, and many slights from our Dear Tweeter

–at The Nation, John Nichols says Pompeo is top protégé of Koch brothers

–Gina Haspel, nominated to run CIA, will be first woman, and the first with direct experience with torture, to run the spy agency, as John Kiriakou has revealed 

–“The CIA Takeover of the Democratic Party, by Patrick Martin, is a must read

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas launches massive polling project, says data instruct Dems not to run against Trump and impeachment

—in Guardian op-ed, Walter Shapiro shows how effective Nancy Pelosi is as GOP target, and oh-so-politely suggests that she retire, pronto

–in the Senate, Tim Kaine leads Dem sellout on Crapo banking bill with amendment he hopes will never get a vote, as David Dayen reports

–Britain’s claim of Russian responsibility for nerve agent used on former double agent raises many legit questions

–Trump’s body man, John McEntee, is mysteriously fired, frog-marched from White House, and named to post in Trump re-election operation

–as Trump stages photo op for The Wall at Mexican border, ICE flack in San Francisco quits in protest of false info promoted by Trump and Sessions

–here at, we are posting the interview with Carlos Hidalgo, who describes his experiences in an ICE prison in California

–in Gaza, roadside bomb apparently targeted Palestinian prime minister

–Iranian American who refused to become an informant under FBI pressure draws 3-month prison term

–Chinese legislators lift term limits so Xi Jinping can rule indefinitely

–Vice is first to report on new ethnic cleansing in Congo, and also reports that Myanmar is building military bases in burned-out Rohynga villages