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PBC News & Comment: Why Are Democratic Leaders Afraid of Impeachment?

Dems demonize Trump but waffle on impeachment, even as GOP tells its base impeachment is right around the corner…..–San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer is hammering Dems on impeachment with TV ad campaign and 30-city tour

–in replay of Karl Rove 2006 tactics, GOP dares Dems on impeachment, and they retreat in fear

–in replay of last year’s unproven claims of Syrian use of Sarin in Khan Sheikoun, US, allies and media claim Syria used chemical weapons in Douma Saturday

–on March 20, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov predicted an imminent false flag use of chemical weapons intended to enable US attack on Damascus

–like last year, Trump was making noises last week about exiting Syria

–unlike last year, as of today, John Bolton runs National Security Council

–MSM cheers Trump’s shift to criticizing Russia

–members of both parties denounce Syria and Russia before evidence is in, but ignore the clear evidence of Israel’s brutal killing of more Gaza protesters

–Andrew Yang is a Democrat running for president in 2020, and in our in-depth interview he presents as well-informed and fairly progressive

–Scott Pruitt hangs on as EPA boss, but his efforts to slash regulations may not survive, even if he does

–FBI agents raided offices of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen today, served warrants for details of Stormy Daniels hushmoney agreement

–Sinclair’s anchor chorus isn’t the first time corporate media has used coordinated talking points, as Medium blogger KB points out

–Sinclair contracts with anchors and reporters include “liquidated damages” if they want to resign

–Homeland Security seeks private contractor to spy on media worldwide and collect data

–Center for Reproductive Rights hits Mississippi with lawsuit aimed at overturning restrictions on abortion access

–Facebook’s team of 500 has prepped Zuckerberg for Congressional hearings tomorrow, and most of the questioners got donations from Facebook

–campaign finance watchdog Open Secrets reveals Robert Mercer’s role in group that use Facebook, Google to target anti-Muslim ads in 2016