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PBC News & Comment: FBI Raids His Lawyer, And Trump Goes Ballistic

On referral from Mueller, Trump-appointed prosecutor got warrants to search Michael Cohen’s files for dirt on Stormy Daniels hush deal…--Trump and Donny, Jr. have displayed expansive view of attorney-client privilege, which is void if used to cover criminal behavior

--legal blogger Ken White, aka Popehat—who supported Roger Shuler while smearing him—has comments on Trump’s situation

--despite lack of evidence or proof of Syrian chemical attack, Trump weighs options as John Bolton joins the team

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola offers smart, skeptical perspectives on alleged Syrian gas

--Buzzfeed serves up “what is was like “ account that’s fully unverified

--at Fox “News”, Tucker Carlson is a rare skeptic

--blogger Stephen Gowans offers 8 reasons to doubt the claims

--reported Israeli airstrike in Homs complicates the scene in Syria

--video surfaces of Israeli sniper killing Palestinian last December, followed by cheers

--in video of interrogation, Ahed Tamimi shows resolve in face of threats and taunts

--Yulia Skripal has been released from the hospital

--on Day One, Bolton bounces homeland security adviser Tom Bossert

--Trump cancels his planned trip to South America, sends Pence

--Zuckerberg takes apology tour to Capitol hearings today, as class action lawsuits over data misuse are filed in US, UK

--efforts to roll back Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are stalled as House chairman demands more

--corporate run prisons aren’t cheaper, but 3 companies control the sector, and swap contracts when one of them has a crisis

--reporter Steve Horn is now reporting for Prison Legal News, and breaks story about new trial granted in prisoner’s wrongful death case

--WashPost op-ed sheds light on how the Intercept compromised another secret source in recent FBI whistleblower case