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PBC News & Comment: FBI Raids His Lawyer, And Trump Goes Ballistic

On referral from Mueller, Trump-appointed prosecutor got warrants to search Michael Cohen’s files for dirt on Stormy Daniels hush deal…–Trump and Donny, Jr. have displayed expansive view of attorney-client privilege, which is void if used to cover criminal behavior

–legal blogger Ken White, aka Popehat—who supported Roger Shuler while smearing him—has comments on Trump’s situation

–despite lack of evidence or proof of Syrian chemical attack, Trump weighs options as John Bolton joins the team

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola offers smart, skeptical perspectives on alleged Syrian gas

Buzzfeed serves up “what is was like “ account that’s fully unverified

–at Fox “News”, Tucker Carlson is a rare skeptic

–blogger Stephen Gowans offers 8 reasons to doubt the claims

–reported Israeli airstrike in Homs complicates the scene in Syria

–video surfaces of Israeli sniper killing Palestinian last December, followed by cheers

–in video of interrogation, Ahed Tamimi shows resolve in face of threats and taunts

–Yulia Skripal has been released from the hospital

–on Day One, Bolton bounces homeland security adviser Tom Bossert

–Trump cancels his planned trip to South America, sends Pence

–Zuckerberg takes apology tour to Capitol hearings today, as class action lawsuits over data misuse are filed in US, UK

–efforts to roll back Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are stalled as House chairman demands more

–corporate run prisons aren’t cheaper, but 3 companies control the sector, and swap contracts when one of them has a crisis

–reporter Steve Horn is now reporting for Prison Legal News, and breaks story about new trial granted in prisoner’s wrongful death case

WashPost op-ed sheds light on how the Intercept compromised another secret source in recent FBI whistleblower case