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PBC News & Comment: Kris Kobach Finds A Double Voter—For Trump

Trump claimed “millions” voted twice for Clinton, and his voter fraud sleuth found a woman who voted twice—for Trump…..–frauds in Senate voted to confirm Pompeo as Secretary of State, Rand Paul tops the list

–Aleksandr Kogan, who’s been accused by Facebook in Cambridge Analytica data access, says CEO Alexander Nix lied, and so did Mark Zuckerberg

–in our fresh in-depth interview, S.F. Chronicle columnist Otis R. Taylor, Jr. details his series on abuse of immigrants at Contra Costa County jail

–Comey’s book tour sold out in San Francisco, and James Risen—who was a target of Comey’s in leak case—notes how Saint James pandered to Trump on leakers

another article at The Intercept reveal’s Comey’s hypocrisy in calling Hoover’s surveillance of MLK “shamefull” while Comey did it to black activists

–Rep. Maxine Waters, who slammed Comey by saying “he has no credibility” says he is credible about Trump

–Dems in flyover states pan the DNC conspiracy lawsuit, saying their voters don’t care about Russiagate

–Glenn Greenwald unpacks bizarre claims from MSNBC anchor Joy Reid about her homophobic rants and hacking of the Wayback Machine

–Toronto man accused of mowing down pedestrians with van pledged allegiance to fellow “involuntary celibates” before his rampage

–the alleged Nashville Waffle House shooter had history of crazy actions, including a scene at the White House that led to gun confiscation; but his daddy gave them back

–at a Waffle House in Alabama, cops wrestled with woman and left her topless after argument over charge for plastic utensils

–in Armenia, streets filled with protesters demanded that “president for life” step down, and he did

–on Friday, leaders of North and South Korea will meet, with expectations and skepticism both at high levels