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PBC News & Comment: Kris Kobach Finds A Double Voter—For Trump

Trump claimed “millions” voted twice for Clinton, and his voter fraud sleuth found a woman who voted twice—for Trump…..--frauds in Senate voted to confirm Pompeo as Secretary of State, Rand Paul tops the list

--Aleksandr Kogan, who’s been accused by Facebook in Cambridge Analytica data access, says CEO Alexander Nix lied, and so did Mark Zuckerberg

--in our fresh in-depth interview, S.F. Chronicle columnist Otis R. Taylor, Jr. details his series on abuse of immigrants at Contra Costa County jail

--Comey’s book tour sold out in San Francisco, and James Risen—who was a target of Comey’s in leak case—notes how Saint James pandered to Trump on leakers

--another article at The Intercept reveal’s Comey’s hypocrisy in calling Hoover’s surveillance of MLK “shamefull” while Comey did it to black activists

--Rep. Maxine Waters, who slammed Comey by saying “he has no credibility” says he is credible about Trump

--Dems in flyover states pan the DNC conspiracy lawsuit, saying their voters don’t care about Russiagate

--Glenn Greenwald unpacks bizarre claims from MSNBC anchor Joy Reid about her homophobic rants and hacking of the Wayback Machine

--Toronto man accused of mowing down pedestrians with van pledged allegiance to fellow “involuntary celibates” before his rampage

--the alleged Nashville Waffle House shooter had history of crazy actions, including a scene at the White House that led to gun confiscation; but his daddy gave them back

--at a Waffle House in Alabama, cops wrestled with woman and left her topless after argument over charge for plastic utensils

--in Armenia, streets filled with protesters demanded that “president for life” step down, and he did

--on Friday, leaders of North and South Korea will meet, with expectations and skepticism both at high levels