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PBC News & Comment: DNC Dooms Party with Bernie Ban, SCOTUS OK’s Voter Caging

In surprise move at meeting to fix superdelegate problems, DNC adopts suicidal purity rule: presidential candidates must be registered Democrats…--corporate Clintonites double down on failed strategies, telling progressives to go fuck themselves

--Trump allies pursue lawsuit over campaign law violations by Hillary Victory Fund

--at WhoWhatWhy, Klaus Marre says Dems are “poised to fumble away” midterms

--listener John Zweibel, a frustrated progressive Democrat from Hawaii, offers a comment

--SCOTUS rules in favor of Voter Caging, upholding Ohio’s purge of inactive voters with special focus in Democratic strongholds

--Trump crapped all over the G7 Summit, and keeps attacking Canada’s Trudeau for doing his job

--at WashPost, Callum Borchers thinks that Trump bullied Trudeau to impress Kim Jong-un

--all eyes on Singapore’s Sentosa Island, as US plays carrots and sticks right down to the start of the meeting

--GOP war on Obamacare moves to the courts, because Americans would rather die than use “socialized medicine”

--NY Times deplores Trump’s allergies to science

--but in eye-opening in-depth interview, Jonathan Latham uses the “Poison Papers” to argue that EPA and predecessors have always bowed to industry

--in surprising editorial, LA Times bluntly opposes Anti-Semitism Awareness Act

--Bay Area high school valedictorian has mike cut when she addressed campus sex assault

--NY judge halts deportation of the pizza delivery guy, for now

--former PBC producer Joshua Emerson Smith covered protest at San Diego border yesterday

--Craigslist founder Craig Newmark donates $20 million to CUNY J-school

--progressive talk radio returns to San Francisco