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PBC News & Comment: Immigration Stalemate on Capitol Hill Worsens

Conflict, confusion continue, as Border Patrol appears to end “zero tolerance” but Trump says it remains his policy; chaos in House…..–hard-line immigration bill is defeated, as vote on “compromise” bill is postponed

–Storm Trooper Nielsen keeps lying, says Homeland Security has plan to reunite split families, but hasn’t shared it with people on the front lines

–Trump’s momentary display of concern for kids with executive order has loopholes and assumptions that show it’s an empty gesture

–Trump feeds distortion, diversion and deception to angry mob in Duluth

–our Dear Tweeter keeps pouring gas on the fire he started, dictating terms for immigration bills as he refuses to actually work the process

–Texas Republican Rep. Will Hurd opposes even the “compromise bill”, which Pelosi says must be a compromise “with the devil”

–has Melania gone rogue? She made surprise visit to Texas lockup for kids

–profiteers swarm at the border, even defense contractor General Dynamics has a piece of the action

-federal appeals court upholds lower court rejection of burn pits lawsuit against KBR

–in new, in-depth interview, investigative reporter Greg Palast updates us on Kobach’s loss of case requiring citizenship proof, and Supreme Court’s OK of caging

–South Korea presses North for its de-nuke plans, as Pentagon boss Mattis admits nothing has happened since Singapore

–at ConsortiumNews, Gareth Porter names media, partisan Dems and Deep Staters as promoters of status quo on Korean peninsula

–Michael Cohen investigation subpoena’s National Enquirer execs over silencing of former playmate Karen McDougal

–in Israel, Sara Netanyahu is indicted for fraud related to expenses at the prime minister’s residence

–billionaire Mike Bloomberg will bet $80 million on Democrats running for Congress, including those intel and military veterans we’ve talked about here

–in Sacramento, net neutrality bills are derailed by Democrat who gets money from A T & T

–recording artist John Dissed is back with a new CD, American University, about JFK, his assassination and the coverup