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PBC News & Comment: GOP Radicals Start Impeachment—of the Wrong Guy

Seeming to respond to yesterday’s PBC Plea, “Can we begin impeachment?”, right wing crackpots move to impeach DepAG Rod Rosenstein….--grandstanding for Trump, Reps. Meadows and Jordan lead effort to impeach Rosenstein for refusing to help them derail Mueller investigation

--Jim Jordan will run for GOP Speaker, after he wrestles with that scandal at Ohio State

--in Ohio, Democrat Danny O’Connor is running for Congress, trumpets his opposition to Pelosi as Speaker

--Trump and EU leader appear to ease trade war tensions, as Donnie gets the message that he could cost the GOP in midterms

--leakers say Mueller is reviewing Trump’s tweets in obstruction investigation

--Trump tweets threats of sanctions at Turkey, demanding release of American pastor

--Turkey’s Erdogan blasted Israel for its new apartheid law, and Israeli philosopher Omri Boehm comments on the law in op-ed

--cricket star Imran Khan claims victory in Pakistan elections

--Syrian war may be at its end, as IS deploys suicide bombers and White Helmets seek exits

--American Psychological Assn revisits fight over members working at Guantanamo

--NRA maintains silence as new info ties accused Russian spy Maria Butina to Russian oligarch and his wife, who owns a munitions company

--ex-Fox exec Bill Shine blocked a CNN reporter from a White House event yesterday, and even Fox anchors objected

--NY Times legal beagle offers support for Julian Assange, reports Ray McGovern

--internal State Department reports from 2017 show they warned Trump that immigration rule changes would make MS 13 stronger

--after disappointing earnings report, Facebook sets new record: largest single one-day drop in stock price