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PBC News & Comment: GOP Radicals Start Impeachment—of the Wrong Guy

Seeming to respond to yesterday’s PBC Plea, “Can we begin impeachment?”, right wing crackpots move to impeach DepAG Rod Rosenstein….–grandstanding for Trump, Reps. Meadows and Jordan lead effort to impeach Rosenstein for refusing to help them derail Mueller investigation

–Jim Jordan will run for GOP Speaker, after he wrestles with that scandal at Ohio State

–in Ohio, Democrat Danny O’Connor is running for Congress, trumpets his opposition to Pelosi as Speaker

–Trump and EU leader appear to ease trade war tensions, as Donnie gets the message that he could cost the GOP in midterms

–leakers say Mueller is reviewing Trump’s tweets in obstruction investigation

–Trump tweets threats of sanctions at Turkey, demanding release of American pastor

–Turkey’s Erdogan blasted Israel for its new apartheid law, and Israeli philosopher Omri Boehm comments on the law in op-ed

–cricket star Imran Khan claims victory in Pakistan elections

–Syrian war may be at its end, as IS deploys suicide bombers and White Helmets seek exits

–American Psychological Assn revisits fight over members working at Guantanamo

–NRA maintains silence as new info ties accused Russian spy Maria Butina to Russian oligarch and his wife, who owns a munitions company

–ex-Fox exec Bill Shine blocked a CNN reporter from a White House event yesterday, and even Fox anchors objected

NY Times legal beagle offers support for Julian Assange, reports Ray McGovern

–internal State Department reports from 2017 show they warned Trump that immigration rule changes would make MS 13 stronger

–after disappointing earnings report, Facebook sets new record: largest single one-day drop in stock price