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PBC News & Comment: Facebook Censorship Draws Silence of Approval

Corporate media and political leaders generally silent about Facebook’s brazen censorship of indy media outlets, as “PropOrNot” tweets its approval….–the pages and accounts purged were on the November, 2016 blacklist of “PropOrNot”, published uncritically by WashPost; WSWS has good coverage

–scrappy MintPressNews exposes the agents of the purge, and reports censorship by Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary

–Facebook admits it failed to manage Myanmar accounts run by military that promoted Rohynga ethnic cleansing and genocide

–in our in-depth interview, journalist Gareth Porter uses actual journalism to debunk NY Times’ inflated claims of Russian manipulation of Facebook

–in 60 Minutes interview, Trump is at the top of his game, the game of demagoguery, as he ducks, dodges, distracts and attacks

–WashPost’s Greg Sargent captures Trump’s act pretty well

–Trump’s SNL doppelganger, Alec Baldwin, calls for orderly, lawful overthrow of Trump

–Trump projects about Democratic mobs, while “Proud Boys” beat protesters after they were featured at Republican event in NY

–in photo op with pastor Brunson released by Turkey, Trump asks who he voted for

–responding to PBC speculation about trading Gulen for Brunson, Pennsylvania listener Fred sends article about recent activity at Gulen’s compound

–even as it appears that Khasoggi’s Apple watch recorded his murder, Saudis continue to deny any involvement, so Trump sends Pompeo to Ryadh

–Glenn Greenwald nails the WashPost and editor Fred Hiatt for hypocrisy on Saudi connections

–“Pocahontas” gives in to demagogue “Cadet Bone Spurs” and releases DNA results showing Native blood in Sen. Elizabeth Warren