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PBC News & Comment: Facebook Censorship Draws Silence of Approval

Corporate media and political leaders generally silent about Facebook’s brazen censorship of indy media outlets, as “PropOrNot” tweets its approval….--the pages and accounts purged were on the November, 2016 blacklist of “PropOrNot”, published uncritically by WashPost; WSWS has good coverage

--scrappy MintPressNews exposes the agents of the purge, and reports censorship by Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary

--Facebook admits it failed to manage Myanmar accounts run by military that promoted Rohynga ethnic cleansing and genocide

--in our in-depth interview, journalist Gareth Porter uses actual journalism to debunk NY Times’ inflated claims of Russian manipulation of Facebook

--in 60 Minutes interview, Trump is at the top of his game, the game of demagoguery, as he ducks, dodges, distracts and attacks

--WashPost’s Greg Sargent captures Trump’s act pretty well

--Trump’s SNL doppelganger, Alec Baldwin, calls for orderly, lawful overthrow of Trump

--Trump projects about Democratic mobs, while “Proud Boys” beat protesters after they were featured at Republican event in NY

--in photo op with pastor Brunson released by Turkey, Trump asks who he voted for

--responding to PBC speculation about trading Gulen for Brunson, Pennsylvania listener Fred sends article about recent activity at Gulen’s compound

--even as it appears that Khasoggi’s Apple watch recorded his murder, Saudis continue to deny any involvement, so Trump sends Pompeo to Ryadh

--Glenn Greenwald nails the WashPost and editor Fred Hiatt for hypocrisy on Saudi connections

--“Pocahontas” gives in to demagogue “Cadet Bone Spurs” and releases DNA results showing Native blood in Sen. Elizabeth Warren