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PBC News & Comment: The Violent Awakening of Trump’s Sleeper Cells

In week that brought us perfect storm of American tragedy, Trump relentlessly continues to divide; will it trigger more lunatics?....--in Pittsburgh, the truck driver accused of killing 11 at Tree of Life blamed Jews of HIAS for offering support to immigrants demonized by Trump

--after call for unity, Trump blasts Tom Steyer, a Jewish Democratic donor who was sent a pipe bomb last week

--the accused pipe bomber wanted to be caught, it appears

--Trump continues caustic tweets at media, shifting blame for the incendiary comments that are dutifully reported by the Enemy of the People

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan recaps the list of violent acts by Trump fans, and it was compiled before Pittsburgh shooting

--at WhoWhatWhy, Stephen Singular recalls violent actors who responded to cues from the media or politicians before Trump

--Fox has fun with fact-free fearmongering, suggesting to our highly phobic president that migrants will bring deadly diseases into US

--without explanation, Border Patrol is dumping released asylum families in Arizona with no resources

--Brett Kavanaugh got a hero’s welcome at high school reunion over the weekend

--the outrageous Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are reprised in our latest in-depth interview, with Jennifer Briney of CongressionalDish

--Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, expected to lose N. Dakota Senate seat, got $12 million in donations after voting against Kavanaugh

--after years of turmoil, Brazil faces autocratic or military rule as Bolsonaro wins

--after another loss in regional elections, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel says she won’t seek re-election, may not survive to end of term in 2012

--at WashPost, Margaret Sullivan properly criticizes TV networks for failing to cover voter suppression, but her paper is only a little better

--former president Jimmy Carter calls for Brian Kemp to resign as Secretary of State as he runs for Georgia governor