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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Latest Grenade Aimed at Birthright Citizenship

In another outlandish campaign stunt for midterms, Trump wants to use executive order to end “anchor babies”; it’s clearly unconstitutional….–this stunt replaces the planned stunt, closing the border to migrants

NY Times court specialist Adam Liptak exposes the attempted con job

–SCOTUS expert Ian Millhiser blasts the idea, so does lame Speaker Ryan

–despite many requests to stay away, Trump insists on visit to Pittsburgh with Javanka

–Trump whines to Laura Ingraham about media coverage of his boorish behavior, as Don offers false comparisons

–lawyers for man convicted of attempted bombing of Kansas mosque plead for re-sentencing, because Trump made him do it

–in 48 hours since synagogue murders, almost 12,000 anti-Jewish messages were posted on Instagram

–in fresh in-depth interview, Columbia journalism professor Michael Schudson explains “Why Journalism Still Matters”, and why he believes Russiagate claims

–at The Nation, Aaron Maté notes that Russiagate is ignored in midterm campaigns

–but Buzzfeed is on high alert for Russian meddling this year

–Brazilian ex-pat Pepe Escobar offers colorful reaction to Bolsonaro election

–citizen-led effort to end gerrymandering in Michagan draws big money on both sides

–law firm video ad celebrates birthday of FISA Court, kinda