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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Latest Grenade Aimed at Birthright Citizenship

In another outlandish campaign stunt for midterms, Trump wants to use executive order to end “anchor babies”; it’s clearly unconstitutional….--this stunt replaces the planned stunt, closing the border to migrants

--NY Times court specialist Adam Liptak exposes the attempted con job

--SCOTUS expert Ian Millhiser blasts the idea, so does lame Speaker Ryan

--despite many requests to stay away, Trump insists on visit to Pittsburgh with Javanka

--Trump whines to Laura Ingraham about media coverage of his boorish behavior, as Don offers false comparisons

--lawyers for man convicted of attempted bombing of Kansas mosque plead for re-sentencing, because Trump made him do it

--in 48 hours since synagogue murders, almost 12,000 anti-Jewish messages were posted on Instagram

--in fresh in-depth interview, Columbia journalism professor Michael Schudson explains “Why Journalism Still Matters”, and why he believes Russiagate claims

--at The Nation, Aaron Maté notes that Russiagate is ignored in midterm campaigns

--but Buzzfeed is on high alert for Russian meddling this year

--Brazilian ex-pat Pepe Escobar offers colorful reaction to Bolsonaro election

--citizen-led effort to end gerrymandering in Michagan draws big money on both sides

--law firm video ad celebrates birthday of FISA Court, kinda