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PBC News & Comment: Trump Wants Govt. Shutdown Over The Wall

As Chuck and Nancy guest star on televised “Trump & Friends” at White House, Trump takes ownership of looming shutdown…–when “zero tolerance” divided families, 170 relatives who offered to take the kids were arrested in ICE crackdown

–in the Senate, McConnell will allow floor vote on modest bill for sentencing reform

–legal experts says courts will likely overturn lame duck moves by GOP in Wisconsin, Michigan

–in covering Supreme Court denial of appeals of cases about defunding Planned Parenthood, PBC may have overstated Kavanaugh’s role

–today was Google’s turn to bat away questions from tech-ignorant members of House Judiciary Committee

–in fresh in-depth interview, Maine artist Robert Shetterly explains why he’s painted more than 200 portraits of Americans who tell the truth

–listener Robin Gilbert tipped me to Dahr Jamail’s excellent report about the Woolsey wildfire and Santa Susana Field Laboratory

–Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone is being re-opened after 15 years

–in France, Macron tries to quell riots with wage boosts and tax cuts

–jury in Charlottesville gives white supremacist James Fields life + 419 years for killing Heather Heyer

–corporate journalism isn’t all bad—The Gray Lady exposed corruption in medical research, and

–Maureen Dowd’s scene-setter at Bush 41 funeral is a must-read