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PBC News & Comment: Trump Wants Govt. Shutdown Over The Wall

As Chuck and Nancy guest star on televised “Trump & Friends” at White House, Trump takes ownership of looming shutdown…--when “zero tolerance” divided families, 170 relatives who offered to take the kids were arrested in ICE crackdown

--in the Senate, McConnell will allow floor vote on modest bill for sentencing reform

--legal experts says courts will likely overturn lame duck moves by GOP in Wisconsin, Michigan

--in covering Supreme Court denial of appeals of cases about defunding Planned Parenthood, PBC may have overstated Kavanaugh’s role

--today was Google’s turn to bat away questions from tech-ignorant members of House Judiciary Committee

--in fresh in-depth interview, Maine artist Robert Shetterly explains why he’s painted more than 200 portraits of Americans who tell the truth

--listener Robin Gilbert tipped me to Dahr Jamail’s excellent report about the Woolsey wildfire and Santa Susana Field Laboratory

--Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone is being re-opened after 15 years

--in France, Macron tries to quell riots with wage boosts and tax cuts

--jury in Charlottesville gives white supremacist James Fields life + 419 years for killing Heather Heyer

--corporate journalism isn’t all bad—The Gray Lady exposed corruption in medical research, and

--Maureen Dowd’s scene-setter at Bush 41 funeral is a must-read