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PBC News & Comment: As Dems Take the House, Time for Impeachment

MSDNC lifts its blackout of impeachment advocates during holidays, will Pelosi permit investigations to begin, as Dems take over House?–when Maddow interviews Tom Steyer, we’ll know things have changed

–Trump fired Maddog Mattis for resigning with attitude, installs 31-year Boeing exec as Acting Pentagon boss, in a cabinet filled with Temps

–Dem hawks and media play the Kurd card, and slam Trump for making the right call in all the wrong ways; Turkey delays plan to slaughter Kurds

–Gareth Porter reveals the backstory, showing that Trump’s pullout order has been simmering since April

one source reports that Israel’s Christmas Day bombing of Damascus put commercial flights at risk

–Roberts leads SCOTUS in decision that flatly rejects Trump’s claims in effort to restrict asylum for migrants

–after forcing GOP into partial government shutdown, Trump is meeting with Congressional leaders for first time

–“Foxy Friends” and “El Rushbo” pressured Trump to go to The Wall

–tear gas fired at San Diego border fence on New Year’s Day, as AZ prosecutors are shamed into charging detention employees with abuse at holding pen for kids

–with help from CA sheriff, Trump blasts more lies about immigrants after arrest of undocumented man charged with killing cop

–Pelosi will be elected Speaker on first vote, but the second one tomorrow, on House rules and PAYGO, will be contentious

–Democratic presidential field for 2020 balloons as Elizabeth Warren announces and others prepare

–activists square off as critical reporting of their favorite is seen as “attacks”

–as he gets sworn in as Utah senator, Mitt Romney blasts Trump; but like Flake and Corker, will he really fight?

–that December 17 NY Times report of Russian “meddling” with black voters gets well-deserved rebuttals from Aaron Maté and Dan Cohen

Greenwald stalks his former pals at The Guardian, clocking 5 weeks since its unproven claim that Manafort visited Assange in London

–lapsing into coherence, Giuliani says Assange shouldn’t be prosecuted

–my colleague at WhoWhatWhy, Russ Baker, builds speculation on leaked hearsay in covering McClatchy report that Michael Cohen’s cellphone was in Prague in ‘16

–Russia allows consular visit for Detroit man who is held on spying charges