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PBC News & Comment: As Pelosi Takes House Gavel, Impeachment Looms

Pelosi opens tiny cracks in shut doors on impeachment and indictment of a sitting president as Dems take control of House….--multiple claims of sexism surface from Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign

--100 progressives sign tough-love letter to Bernie on foreign policy and cutting Pentagon spending

--poll shows that 76% of Sanders 2016 delegates still consider him first choice

--large-sample national poll shows Trump’s job approval at 48% in December

--interrupted sporadically by ass-kissing comments from his cabinet, Trump rambled for 90 minutes yesterday, with loads of lies and self-pity

--in denying Trump funding for The Wall, Dems claim they support border security, without correcting Trump’s lies or challenging his immoral actions

--in fresh interview, attorney Steve Volker and activist Frank Egger explain how they won injunction blocking Keystone XL construction

--EPA, now run by former coal lobbyist, uses new, funky “cost/benefit” to permit more mercury emissions from coal power plants

--the more we learn about Paul Whelan, ex-Marine being held on spying charges in Moscow, the worse it looks

--in Florida, Parkland commission supports arming teachers

--in revealing report, Max Read exposes just how fake the Internet has become

--NBC journalist William Arkin slams the network’s alliance with the national security state in exit email, reports Caitlin Johnstone

--in December, Dr. Jeff Kaye reported that there were actually 2 CIA torture programs

--Netflix obeys Saudi order to take down Hasan Minhaj episode that ridiculed MBS

--the Saudi war in Yemen is being fought by Sudanese mercenaries from the old Janjaweed militia