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PBC News & Comment: As Pelosi Takes House Gavel, Impeachment Looms

Pelosi opens tiny cracks in shut doors on impeachment and indictment of a sitting president as Dems take control of House….–multiple claims of sexism surface from Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign

–100 progressives sign tough-love letter to Bernie on foreign policy and cutting Pentagon spending

–poll shows that 76% of Sanders 2016 delegates still consider him first choice

–large-sample national poll shows Trump’s job approval at 48% in December

–interrupted sporadically by ass-kissing comments from his cabinet, Trump rambled for 90 minutes yesterday, with loads of lies and self-pity

–in denying Trump funding for The Wall, Dems claim they support border security, without correcting Trump’s lies or challenging his immoral actions

–in fresh interview, attorney Steve Volker and activist Frank Egger explain how they won injunction blocking Keystone XL construction

–EPA, now run by former coal lobbyist, uses new, funky “cost/benefit” to permit more mercury emissions from coal power plants

–the more we learn about Paul Whelan, ex-Marine being held on spying charges in Moscow, the worse it looks

–in Florida, Parkland commission supports arming teachers

–in revealing report, Max Read exposes just how fake the Internet has become

–NBC journalist William Arkin slams the network’s alliance with the national security state in exit email, reports Caitlin Johnstone

–in December, Dr. Jeff Kaye reported that there were actually 2 CIA torture programs

–Netflix obeys Saudi order to take down Hasan Minhaj episode that ridiculed MBS

–the Saudi war in Yemen is being fought by Sudanese mercenaries from the old Janjaweed militia