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PBC News & Comment: Freshwomen Shake Up Washington

New Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez challenge stale thinking, and worry establishment leaders of both corporate parties….–Tlaib’s pledge to “impeach the motherfucker” challenges the too-cautious Dem leadership, as new voices call for impeachment, from lefty Robert Reich to neolib David Leonhardt

–Reich also worries, in a different column, that corporate funders, including Wall St, oppose impeachment

–Tlaib’s retweet of Bernie Sanders comments about anti-BDS bill draw false charges of anti-Semitism

–as Marco Rubio picks up the anti-BDS bill that failed in last Congress

–and The Arkansas Times stands tall against censorship, so they must be anti-Semitic

60 Minutes featured Ocasio Cortez, and Paul Krugman supports her call to restore top tax bracket to 70%

60 Minutes also interviewed Egypt’s dictator al-Sisi, and wouldn’t call his rise to power a “coup”

–in visit to Israel and Turkey, John Bolton walks back Trump vow to pull troops out of Syria

–ruh-roh, Trump plans prime time speech Tuesday night, may claim emergency powers to build him some wall, or a steel barrier

–Max Blumenthal’s investigation of UK’s military propaganda arm leads to young Brit who “volunteered” on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign

NY Times exposes 2nd “false flag” Facebook operation by Dems in Alabama, without noting that same firm was source of claims of black voter manipulation

–federal judge grants Mueller 6 month grand jury extension, as House Intel plans to share testimony in search of perjury

–at The Hill, John Solomon reveals that Mike Flynn was briefed and debriefed on his visit to Russia in 2015

–as scientists report that Cuban sonic warfare was just crickets, Greenwald lowers the boom on NBC for false and exaggerated reporting

–change of the guard in California, Jerry Brown exits, Gavin Newsom takes over