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PBC News & Comment: Freshwomen Shake Up Washington

New Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez challenge stale thinking, and worry establishment leaders of both corporate parties….--Tlaib’s pledge to “impeach the motherfucker” challenges the too-cautious Dem leadership, as new voices call for impeachment, from lefty Robert Reich to neolib David Leonhardt

--Reich also worries, in a different column, that corporate funders, including Wall St, oppose impeachment

--Tlaib’s retweet of Bernie Sanders comments about anti-BDS bill draw false charges of anti-Semitism

--as Marco Rubio picks up the anti-BDS bill that failed in last Congress

--and The Arkansas Times stands tall against censorship, so they must be anti-Semitic

--60 Minutes featured Ocasio Cortez, and Paul Krugman supports her call to restore top tax bracket to 70%

--60 Minutes also interviewed Egypt’s dictator al-Sisi, and wouldn’t call his rise to power a “coup”

--in visit to Israel and Turkey, John Bolton walks back Trump vow to pull troops out of Syria

--ruh-roh, Trump plans prime time speech Tuesday night, may claim emergency powers to build him some wall, or a steel barrier

--Max Blumenthal’s investigation of UK’s military propaganda arm leads to young Brit who “volunteered” on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign

--NY Times exposes 2nd “false flag” Facebook operation by Dems in Alabama, without noting that same firm was source of claims of black voter manipulation

--federal judge grants Mueller 6 month grand jury extension, as House Intel plans to share testimony in search of perjury

--at The Hill, John Solomon reveals that Mike Flynn was briefed and debriefed on his visit to Russia in 2015

--as scientists report that Cuban sonic warfare was just crickets, Greenwald lowers the boom on NBC for false and exaggerated reporting

--change of the guard in California, Jerry Brown exits, Gavin Newsom takes over