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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Sells Endless War

As US tries to slink out of Afghanistan after 17 years, NY Times sells new regime change war in Venezuela…--US envoy Khalilzad reports major progress in Taliban talks, but NY Times “news analysis” warns against withdrawal

--bipartisan regime change scheme for Venezuela builds momentum, as TrumpCo gives self-appointed opposition leader Guaido billions in oil revenue

--if anyone cares, polls show that Venezuelans—even Maduro opponents,--are against sanctions and coup by 80% margins

--Trump continues Obama’s policy, US has spent more than $100 million in support of foes of Chavez and Maduro, as ConsortiumNews reports

--Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton lay out the history of Guiado, who was not even elected to his post in National Assembly

--Common Dreams recounts the bloody record of Elliot Abrams, and notes that diplomacy is a better choice than sanctions and invasion

--USF Prof. Stephen Zunes offers candid review of Sen. Kamala Harris’ weak foreign policy positions

--25 Senate Democrats choose Israel over my First Amendment rights, advancing anti-BDS bill

--new group “Democratic Majority for Israel” is launched to stifle the handful of progressive Dems who challenge US support for Israel

--Palestinian government resigns as US adopts steamroller tactics

--Rush Limbaugh reported claim that Israeli scientists have cancer cure, and credits Trump, because he pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement

--as Intel chiefs testify that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons

--facing fresh rejection, Theresa May wants EU to reopen Brexit deal

--acting AG Whitaker says Mueller probe is nearly finished, as Bill Barr’s confirmation as AG is delayed

--Starbucks former CEO Howard Schultz says he will run for prez as independent