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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Sells Endless War

As US tries to slink out of Afghanistan after 17 years, NY Times sells new regime change war in Venezuela…–US envoy Khalilzad reports major progress in Taliban talks, but NY Times “news analysis” warns against withdrawal

–bipartisan regime change scheme for Venezuela builds momentum, as TrumpCo gives self-appointed opposition leader Guaido billions in oil revenue

–if anyone cares, polls show that Venezuelans—even Maduro opponents,–are against sanctions and coup by 80% margins

–Trump continues Obama’s policy, US has spent more than $100 million in support of foes of Chavez and Maduro, as ConsortiumNews reports

–Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton lay out the history of Guiado, who was not even elected to his post in National Assembly

Common Dreams recounts the bloody record of Elliot Abrams, and notes that diplomacy is a better choice than sanctions and invasion

–USF Prof. Stephen Zunes offers candid review of Sen. Kamala Harris’ weak foreign policy positions

–25 Senate Democrats choose Israel over my First Amendment rights, advancing anti-BDS bill

–new group “Democratic Majority for Israel” is launched to stifle the handful of progressive Dems who challenge US support for Israel

–Palestinian government resigns as US adopts steamroller tactics

–Rush Limbaugh reported claim that Israeli scientists have cancer cure, and credits Trump, because he pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement

–as Intel chiefs testify that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons

–facing fresh rejection, Theresa May wants EU to reopen Brexit deal

–acting AG Whitaker says Mueller probe is nearly finished, as Bill Barr’s confirmation as AG is delayed

–Starbucks former CEO Howard Schultz says he will run for prez as independent