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PBC News & Comment: Yellow Journalism Fuels Trump’s Regime Change in Venezuela

Corporate media falls in line, just like pre-Iraq invasion, amplifying lies and suppressing dissent to grease illegal actions….--NY Times publishes op-ed by Juan Guaido, riddled with lies

--WashPost focuses on Maduro’s crackdown on news media as NY Times covers crackdown on opposition, without context or balance

--activists Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers correct the lies in this post

--in new, in-depth interview, international election observe Dan Kovalik Says Maduro’s election was legit, and explains why Venezuela is a target

--echoing Kovalik’ Grayzone’s Ben Norton publishes US guide to “unconventional warfare” that fits the picture of Venezuela as target of economic weapons

--my favorite Republican congressman, anti-war activist Walter Jones, is in hospice

--federal judge uses “Catch-22” logic to deny release of Assange indictment

--Mueller fights back, as cagy Russians indicted last year use US legal system to challenge and expose Mueller’s con game

--ICE admits that hunger striking immigrants are being force-fed, just like Gitmo

--Victoria Law exposes how corporate prison operators force immigrants to join “Voluntary Work Program” or face punishment

--listener Fred in Detroit shares report of ICE sting with fake university to catch 8 possible visa violators

--listener Linda Lewis shares report on secret nuclear waste shipment from South Carolina to Nevada; Nevada’s leaders are really pissed

--listener Paul Ellcessor has comments on recent podcasts

--VA changes rules for accessing private care, from “40 miles” to “30-minute drive”

--federal judge in San Francisco rips into P G & E for safety violations

--2019 may be the year that white collar drug lords face a reckoning

--watch out, Puerto Rico! The Clintons—all 3 of them—are coming to help