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PBC News & Comment: Yellow Journalism Fuels Trump’s Regime Change in Venezuela

Corporate media falls in line, just like pre-Iraq invasion, amplifying lies and suppressing dissent to grease illegal actions….NY Times publishes op-ed by Juan Guaido, riddled with lies

WashPost focuses on Maduro’s crackdown on news media as NY Times covers crackdown on opposition, without context or balance

–activists Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers correct the lies in this post

–in new, in-depth interview, international election observe Dan Kovalik Says Maduro’s election was legit, and explains why Venezuela is a target

–echoing Kovalik’ Grayzone’s Ben Norton publishes US guide to “unconventional warfare” that fits the picture of Venezuela as target of economic weapons

–my favorite Republican congressman, anti-war activist Walter Jones, is in hospice

–federal judge uses “Catch-22” logic to deny release of Assange indictment

–Mueller fights back, as cagy Russians indicted last year use US legal system to challenge and expose Mueller’s con game

–ICE admits that hunger striking immigrants are being force-fed, just like Gitmo

–Victoria Law exposes how corporate prison operators force immigrants to join “Voluntary Work Program” or face punishment

–listener Fred in Detroit shares report of ICE sting with fake university to catch 8 possible visa violators

–listener Linda Lewis shares report on secret nuclear waste shipment from South Carolina to Nevada; Nevada’s leaders are really pissed

–listener Paul Ellcessor has comments on recent podcasts

–VA changes rules for accessing private care, from “40 miles” to “30-minute drive”

–federal judge in San Francisco rips into P G & E for safety violations

–2019 may be the year that white collar drug lords face a reckoning

–watch out, Puerto Rico! The Clintons—all 3 of them—are coming to help