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PBC News & Comment: Newsguard Shifts to Europe as Facebook Sets Up ‘Fake News Court’

After poor reception in US, corporate truth police Newsguard launches in EU, as Facebook starts new “supreme court” of content…MintPress does it again, great reporting on Newsguard

–ABC News, Snopes and even The Weekly Standard have bailed on Facebook’s fact-checking operations

–NY State Police demands that Google kill Waze cop-warning feature to keep DUI checkpoints secret

–Orlando tests Amazon’s facial Rekognition (sic) as privacy advocates note there are zero regulations for use of the invasive technology

–Virginia leadership crisis continues, and WhoWhatWhy reports that GOP Speaker may become governor, after his tied election amid voter suppression

–Senate has passed Marco Rubio’s attack on BDS and Freedom to boycott

–retired law professor Marjorie Cohn slams the attack on BDS in personal column about people who are “progressive except Palestine”

–and a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit based on phony claim of damages from BDS

–Key West, FL bans sale of sunscreens to protect coral reefs, and PBC talked about dying reefs with Dahr Jamail in second part of our podcast series

–Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey introduce “Green New Deal” and Pelosi is decidedly unimpressed

–Maria Butina’s American boyfriend, Paul Erickson, is indicted for string of frauds going back 20 years

–Jill Abramson, first female NY Times editor, is accused of plagiarism in new book about media

–Kevin Gosztola nails “Morning Joe” crew for continuing smears of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

–acting AG Whitaker plays games with House Judiciary over possible subpoena

–Justice Dept. opens investigation into Jeffrey Epstein plea deal

–as GOP operatives were rigging the vote in North Carolina, prosecutors were pursuing fictional voter fraud by legal immigrants