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PBC News & Comment: GOP Aide Says NSA Metadata Collection Has Ended

Adviser to GOP House leader says NSA phone metadata analysis program has been suspended and may not be resumed….--read the NY Times report here

--but the Post Office hasn’t stopped scanning your mail, reveals John Kiriakou at ConsortiumNews

--in ironic proof of “allegiance to AIPAC”, House Dems rush to censure Rep. Ilhan Omar for more honesty about Israeli influence on our government

--the estimable Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies sees the smears of Omar as hopeful sign of change

--and at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan says the claims of anti-Semitism are gaslighting

--in new in-depth interview, journalist Tim Redmond and activist Eric Thrasher talk about public ownership of bankrupt utility, PG&E

--Guiado, Venezuela’s fake president, returns without being arrested

--PBS acts as state media on Venezuela, presenting “ambassador” with no credentials and allowing him to lie without any challenge

--listener and generous support Paul Ellcessor shares FAIR’s criticism of media and Smedley Butler quote

--which dropped in my Inbox right next to this colorful dispatch from John Perkins, the recovering “economic hit man”

--and the international election observers of the 2018 Maduro victory tell EU that its claims of irregularities are “fabrications of the most disgraceful kind”

--a US-Saudi dual citizen reports being tortured at the Ritz Carlton prison

--Jerry Nadler flexes his power as Judiciary Chair, demands oodles of documents from Trump cronies, but says “impeachment is a long way down the road”

--Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul tips the balance, Trump’s emergency decree will be rejected, forcing likely veto and lengthy legal challenges

--Trump appears ready to declare victory in trade war with China, but the costs have been great and the gains will me minimal

--as expected, Sacramento DA won’t charge the cops who fired 20 shots at Stephon Clark, a black man armed only with a cell phone

--in Canada, a second cabinet minister has resigned, compounding problems for PM Justin (not Pierre) Trudeau

--in major accomplishment, a second HIV-infected patient has been “cured”