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PBC News & Comment: Appeals Court Upholds Injunction Blocking KeystoneXL!

Major setback for TransCanada and Trump, as scrappy environmental groups win ruling that upholds lower court injunction, blocking KeystoneXL construction….–credit due to lawyer Steve Volker and activist Frank Egger of the North Coast Rivers Alliance for fighting

–federal appeals court for 6th circuit says flipping the bird is protected free speech

–Beto O’Rourke edged out Bernie Sanders in first 24 hours of fundraising after announcement

–we get comments on Beto from his former DC roommate, Rep. Jared Huffman, in fresh interview released today

–in Iowa, O’Rourke is asked about Medicare for All, but won’t endorse it

–in biased report, NY Times inserts opinion into article about how Dems are divided over health care fixes

–Brenton Tarrant, the Australian accused of mosque shootings in New Zealand, posted manifesto saying he was radicalized by migrants in Europe

–New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, gets good reviews for her response, including pledge to change gun laws pronto, and asking, what did we miss?

–we get a good answer to the latter question from New Zealand activist Suzie Dawson at ConsortiumNews, she’s exiled in Russia after harassment in NZ

–Trump dismisses claims that some of his fans are killers, as MAGA-man Cesar Sayoc gets ready to plead guilty for sending pipe bombs to Democrats

–Trump hosts Thug Summit tomorrow with Brazil’s new strongman, Jair Bolsonaro, and Rio-based Glenn Greenwald recaps Bolsonaro’s first months in office

–civil liberties groups press House Judiciary to hold hearings on NSA domestic surveillance, in advance of expiration of USA Freedom Act

–Dems ask FBI to investigate Trump groupie Cindy Yang for selling access to Trump

The Guardian reports that Saudi crown prince MBS has lost some power, and appears to be sulking in response

–at Nairobi summit on the environment, US and Saudis blocked efforts to study geoengineering

–Trump’s wrecking crew at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission want to reduce safety regulations

–Center for Constitutional Rights says that lawyers for immigrants are being harassed, detained, and monitored along with journalists at the border