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PBC News & Comment: Stop the Presses: Trump Admits He Was Wrong, Cancels Iran Attack

The insecure Don who never backs down or admits fault goes rogue, and thankfully cancels strike on Iran at last minute….--Trump discovers “proportionality” and displays a rare concern for non-American lives

--NY Times columnist Roger Cohen slams Trump in well-written piece

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria thinks Trump was pressured by Bolton and Pompeo, and indecisive until final moments of countdown to attack

--the stable genius decided he oughta have a Defense Secretary, and moves to appoint former Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper

--journalist/columnist E. Jean Carroll becomes Trump’s 16th accuser, says he assaulted her in dressing room in 1995 or 96

--in San Diego war crimes trial of Navy Seal team leader, shocking and unexpected testimony from team member upends the court martial

--expect Trump to demagogue the FBI’s latest “domestic terrorism” case, which appears to be another entrapment by undercover operatives

--after revelation of racist online comments by police, 72 cops in Philly are suspended from patrol, St. Louis prosecutor refuses cases involving 22 cops

--a pleasant surprise from the “we like beer” justice, as Kavanaugh writes majority opinion in case regarding exclusion of black jurors

--Turkey jails 151 for life for involvement in 2016 alleged coup attempt

--in his first appearance, new Guantanamo judge in 9/11 case seems to be a real improvement over past judges

--the recent hack of the contractor that runs border crossing surveillance is much worse than first reported

--University of Alaska study warns that melting permafrost in East Siberian Arctic Shelf could produce “methane burp” that could greatly accelerate the crisis

--CA Gov. Newsom intervenes to limit vaccination zero tolerance bill

--Buzzfeed workers stage walkout as digital media shops unionize

--SF-based Neanderthal radio host Michael Savage helped create the Trump monster, and now attacks him from the right

--as your humble host takes a 3-week break, many members of Congress are packing for Israel on competing junkets of AIPAC and J Street