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PBC News & Comment: Feigning Sympathy for Victims in Dayton and El Paso, Trump Promotes “Hatriotism”

Columbia journalism professor revives the term “hatriotism” from 1930’s, used to describe racist founder of America First party Gerald LK Smith…

–read Prof. Samuel G. Freedman’s commentary here

–our hatriot-in-chief dropped into Dayton and will visit El Paso today; 45 kept a low profile in Dayton, where he was greeted by protesters and “Welcome to Toledo” sign
–further investigation of the suspects in Dayton and El Paso reveal conflicting themes, not a firm connection to Trump’s rants
–right wing media defends Trump, counter with “angry Democrat” memes, and Tucker Carlson says “white supremacy is a hoax”
–Sen. Cory Booker gives moving speech in Charleston, talking about racial conflicts in ways that Obama avoided
–despite mounting fines and her refusal to testify, judge denies Chelsea Manning a hearing on ongoing imprisonment for contempt, as Kevin Gosztola reports
–in Aaron Maté’s latest, he names 5 “big holes” in Mueller investigation
–at MintPress, Whitney Webb drops part 3 of her Jeffrey Epstein investigation, says his ties to Mossad were through wealthy Jews of the Mega Group, linked to mobsters
–in Honduras, protesters battle police in effort to oust corrupt president Hernandez
MintPress reporter Adrienne Pine offers great background on Honduras
–nonprofit investigative report on Puerto Rico’s almost-Governor Pierluisi exposes his deep conflicts of interest
–Brazil’s new strongman Bolsonaro tagged “Captain Chainsaw” for sharp increase in Amazon deforestation
–in California, waste recycling systems are collapsing