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PBC News & Comment: Trump Demagogues American Jews, Some Love It

“King of Israel” keeps smearing Omar and Tlaib, while dividing American Jews with “trope” questioning their loyalty to Israel….--Trump is using McCarthy’s reckless tactics, finds new bottom daily

--emboldened by boosts in polls and no prospect of impeachment, Trump announces flurry of new moves on immigration, most are unconstitutional

--Trump’s weird fantasy about buying Greenland leads to bruised feelings for our sensitive stable genius

--TrumpCo sends contradictory messages on economy: everythings’s great, but we need stimulus

--he wants to arbitrarily replace the Flores settlement with rules allowing unlimited detention of families

--his new asylum policy is confusing, and ICE memo stoked more confusion on asylum

--Kevin Gosztola reports on class action suit about subhuman conditions in immigration jails

--different agencies say they have thwarted 6 violent events planned by white supremacists

--Gareth Porter debunks claims by Mueller and Senate intel of Russian hacking of state election servers

--but poll shows big jump in GOP believers in Russian meddling

--DNC’s arbitrary rules for debate invitation may exclude Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, even though she meets the criteria

--CNN is hosting a debate on climate change, but the DNC won’t

--Italy’s government collapses under pressure from far right Matteo Salvini, who hopes to take over

--the protests in Hong Kong are impressive, but the long arm of the US is visible, reports The Grayzone

--as Trump, predictably, backs away from supporting background checks, gun stats from California are discouraging