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PBC News & Comment: Trump Demagogues American Jews, Some Love It

“King of Israel” keeps smearing Omar and Tlaib, while dividing American Jews with “trope” questioning their loyalty to Israel….–Trump is using McCarthy’s reckless tactics, finds new bottom daily

–emboldened by boosts in polls and no prospect of impeachment, Trump announces flurry of new moves on immigration, most are unconstitutional

–Trump’s weird fantasy about buying Greenland leads to bruised feelings for our sensitive stable genius

–TrumpCo sends contradictory messages on economy: everythings’s great, but we need stimulus

–he wants to arbitrarily replace the Flores settlement with rules allowing unlimited detention of families

–his new asylum policy is confusing, and ICE memo stoked more confusion on asylum

–Kevin Gosztola reports on class action suit about subhuman conditions in immigration jails

–different agencies say they have thwarted 6 violent events planned by white supremacists

–Gareth Porter debunks claims by Mueller and Senate intel of Russian hacking of state election servers

–but poll shows big jump in GOP believers in Russian meddling

–DNC’s arbitrary rules for debate invitation may exclude Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, even though she meets the criteria

CNN is hosting a debate on climate change, but the DNC won’t

–Italy’s government collapses under pressure from far right Matteo Salvini, who hopes to take over

–the protests in Hong Kong are impressive, but the long arm of the US is visible, reports The Grayzone

–as Trump, predictably, backs away from supporting background checks, gun stats from California are discouraging