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News & Comment: New Hit to 4th Amendment: Reverse Search Warrants

Breaking national media blackout, attorney Albert Fox Cahn exposes Manhattan DA’s use of reverse search warrant in Proud Boys case--Cahn explains the origins of the 4th Amendment, and how it’s compromised by use of reverse search warrant, creating dragnet of innocent people; his Daily Beast column is here

--The Intercept reveals how DEA agents conduct warrantless searches on Amtrak, seizing drugs and sometimes, grabbing cash

--gun violence is unabated, gunman in Odessa, Texas killed 7 and injured 20+, 14-year-old in Alabama killed parents and 3 siblings, Walmart reduces sale of guns and ammo

--tragedy in California, as scuba boat explodes off Santa Cruz Island, killing as many as 34

--in rare walkbacks, Trump administration cancels deportations for seriously ill people, and allows Lebanese student deported last week to return and attend Harvard

--Trump and others demagogued Jose Garcia Zarate as the murderer of Kate Steinle; an appeals court just overturned his only conviction, for “possession” of gun that fired accidentally; listen to PBC’s interview of the public defenders Matt Gonzalez and Francisco Ugarte

--on Friday, Trump taunted Iran on Twitter, and tweeted classified photo of explosion at missile site in Iran

--while he was on alert for Hurricane Dorian, Trump played 2 rounds of golf and tweeted 122 times

--in new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, PBC talks with Mark Karlin of Buzzflash and Russ Baker of WhoWhatWhy about Twitter’s failure to suspend or ban Trump for violating its standards

--as America watches Dorian, the Great Lakes are flooding this summer

--VP Pence is visiting Ireland and the UK, and is staying at a Trump property at 45’s “suggestion”

--Brexit battles leave Boris Johnson without a majority, as he threatens snap elections if Parliament doesn’t accept his demands

--as protests continue and violence escalates, Hong Kong officials use “terror” tag that may be used to justify crackdown; HK titular leader Carrie Lam rejects her own leaked comments about quitting

--Pepe Escobar got an exclusive prison interview with former Brazilian president Lula, who shared some fascinating stories