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News & Comment: New Hit to 4th Amendment: Reverse Search Warrants

Breaking national media blackout, attorney Albert Fox Cahn exposes Manhattan DA’s use of reverse search warrant in Proud Boys case–Cahn explains the origins of the 4th Amendment, and how it’s compromised by use of reverse search warrant, creating dragnet of innocent people; his Daily Beast column is here

The Intercept reveals how DEA agents conduct warrantless searches on Amtrak, seizing drugs and sometimes, grabbing cash

–gun violence is unabated, gunman in Odessa, Texas killed 7 and injured 20+, 14-year-old in Alabama killed parents and 3 siblings, Walmart reduces sale of guns and ammo

–tragedy in California, as scuba boat explodes off Santa Cruz Island, killing as many as 34

–in rare walkbacks, Trump administration cancels deportations for seriously ill people, and allows Lebanese student deported last week to return and attend Harvard

–Trump and others demagogued Jose Garcia Zarate as the murderer of Kate Steinle; an appeals court just overturned his only conviction, for “possession” of gun that fired accidentally; listen to PBC’s interview of the public defenders Matt Gonzalez and Francisco Ugarte

–on Friday, Trump taunted Iran on Twitter, and tweeted classified photo of explosion at missile site in Iran

–while he was on alert for Hurricane Dorian, Trump played 2 rounds of golf and tweeted 122 times

–in new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, PBC talks with Mark Karlin of Buzzflash and Russ Baker of WhoWhatWhy about Twitter’s failure to suspend or ban Trump for violating its standards

–as America watches Dorian, the Great Lakes are flooding this summer

–VP Pence is visiting Ireland and the UK, and is staying at a Trump property at 45’s “suggestion”

–Brexit battles leave Boris Johnson without a majority, as he threatens snap elections if Parliament doesn’t accept his demands

–as protests continue and violence escalates, Hong Kong officials use “terror” tag that may be used to justify crackdown; HK titular leader Carrie Lam rejects her own leaked comments about quitting

–Pepe Escobar got an exclusive prison interview with former Brazilian president Lula, who shared some fascinating stories