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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Bends the Law for Trump’s Illegal Asylum Rules

In second unprecedented move that bows to Trump, SCOTUS breaks its own rules to approve asylum policies rejected by lower court….–outrageous 7-2 decision gives no rationale for deviating from longstanding judicial procedures; Sotomayor joined by Ginsburg in blistering dissent

–in Vox column written before the decision, Court watcher Ian Milhiser focused on Justice Gorsuch, who apparently flipped on “nondelegation” to support Trump

–the asylum hearings that will be held are kangaroo courts held in a tent at the border by video link, no observers permitted

–in confirmation hearing Trump advisor Steven Menashi refuses to answer questions about his role in immigration policies

–House Judiciary committee votes on rules for “impeachment inquiry”

–in fresh, in-depth interview, activist David Swanson says he opposes impeachment if it’s based on Russiagate

–in bizarre performance art in Venice, Hillary Clinton read her emails for a day, and declares there’s nothing wrong or controversial in them

–Israel is fingered by FBI for White House surveillance using Stingrays

–Dems hold debate on ABC with 10 candidates tonight, Peter van Buren lists 5 questions that won’t be directed to Joe Biden

–at Truthout, Jim Bronke puts the truth out about Biden’s attempts to re-write his history on Iraq war

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews candidate positions on prosecuting Julian Assange, and the best is from GOP nutjob Joe Walsh

The Intercept offers new details about the torture of KSM,  and a report that the FBI was more involved in torture interrogations than it previously admitted

–John Kiriakou—the CIA officer who went to prison for admitting the torture programs, predicted on June 12 that John Bolton would be fired

-also at ConsortiumNews, a smart critique of The Guardian, and its transformation after it published Snowden documents

–at Bradblog, Brad Friedman notes that in NC special election rerun after GOP election fraud, vote tally dropped for both candidates without explanation

–after California legislators pass bill to make drivers employees, Uber says it will fight to keep them independent contractors