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PBC News & Comment: In Houston Debate, Biden Bobs, Weaves and Rambles

Biden admits blunder on Iraq vote, gets slammed for selective embrace of Obama,  rambles about record players when asked about reparations….–Elizabeth Warren gave best performance, Sanders was hoarse and gave a really bad answer on Venezuela, Julian Castro cornered Uncle Joe, Kamala Harris laughed at her own jokes, Pete Buttigieg was solid but unspectacular, Beto O’Rourke is coming for your assault weapons; Cory Booker tries to rise above squabbles, Amy Klobuchar was pretty boring, and Andrew Yang is giving away cash

–pandering to gun lovers, GOP leaders pounce on O’Rourke’s call to confiscate assault weapons

–White House releases funds to Ukraine after accusations it was trading it for Ukrainian investigation of Hunter Biden

–from personal experience, listener Linda Lewis says Joe Biden is no friend of whistleblowers

–yesterday, we reported on the solid criticism of The Guardian for caving to government pressure after it published Snowden leaks; today, the paper is running excerpts from Snowden’s new book

–official leakers rarely face punishment; former FBI exec Andy McCabe is trying to avoid charges for leaking

–this week’s leak-based blockbuster about the Kremlin mole leaves corporate media contradictions

–to its credit, WashPost continues to expose how the DEA was derailed by opioid profiteers during Obama administration

–survivors slam slow response of Bahamian government, which estimates 2,500 are still unaccounted for

–Facebook suspends Netanyahu account after racist, scorched-earth message is posted, and Bibi threatens new Gaza attack as election looms Tuesday

–Danica Remy, President of B612 Foundation, explains the mission of her organization, as we are alerted to asteroid fly by this weekend

–brief update on comets and black holes