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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Puts Whistleblower at Risk

As Trump waxes about executing Ukraine whistleblower, NY Times gives key details that put him at risk, just like Kiriakou…..NY Times editor Dean Baquet defends the move; he also exposed domestic surveillance whistleblower Mark Klein, when Baquet was at LA Times

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola gets key quotes from Kiriakou

–we now know the complainant works at CIA, was assigned to White House, but is he a true whistleblower? Caitlin Johnstone helps us understand

–listener Dick Atlee invokes AL Capone, spanks Dems for impeachment strategy, and recommends Joe Lauria’s latest column at ConsortiumNews, about the gross omissions of MSM coverage

–Pelosi forecasts 6-week fast track focused on Ukraine

–impeachment author and advocate John Bonifaz, in new interview, wants the fast track with a wider scope, including all known criminal allegations

WashPost fact checkers make large claims with small proof in reviewing “false claims” about Ukraine and the Bidens

–Dem prez candidate Tulsi Gabbard reverses, and now supports impeachment

–Rep. Maxine Waters says VP Pence and AG Barr were involved in Ukraine “conspiracy”

–NY Times opinionist Michele Goldberg zeroes in on Barr

–her colleague David Brooks says Trump is guilty, but impeachment is a mistake

–Sen. Ron Wyden releases report on NRA wrongdoing in Russia in 2016, repeats false claims about Maria Butina, doesn’t say Russian money was laundered through NRA to support Trump

–new surge in military suicides reported

–in Israeli election horsetrading, NY Times report suggests that Benny Gantz let Netanyahu try to form a government first, expecting him to fail

–at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal takes credit for exposing Venezuelan regime change backer Ricardo Hausmann, who has resigned from bank board

–at Fortress America, the drawbridge is closed, as Trump reduces refugee cap from 30,000 to 18,000 next year

–Trump’s ridiculous asylum deals rely on vulnerable, corrupt leaders in Honduras and Guatemala

–House passes bill to allow legal pot business to use banks

–California’s billionaire Resnicks, who have damaged the environment growing pistachios and grabbing Fiji’s water, donate $750 million to Cal Tech for climate research

–EPA’s phony claims that homeless people are polluting water draw laughter and scorn in California