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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Puts Whistleblower at Risk

As Trump waxes about executing Ukraine whistleblower, NY Times gives key details that put him at risk, just like Kiriakou…..--NY Times editor Dean Baquet defends the move; he also exposed domestic surveillance whistleblower Mark Klein, when Baquet was at LA Times

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola gets key quotes from Kiriakou

--we now know the complainant works at CIA, was assigned to White House, but is he a true whistleblower? Caitlin Johnstone helps us understand

--listener Dick Atlee invokes AL Capone, spanks Dems for impeachment strategy, and recommends Joe Lauria’s latest column at ConsortiumNews, about the gross omissions of MSM coverage

--Pelosi forecasts 6-week fast track focused on Ukraine

--impeachment author and advocate John Bonifaz, in new interview, wants the fast track with a wider scope, including all known criminal allegations

--WashPost fact checkers make large claims with small proof in reviewing “false claims” about Ukraine and the Bidens

--Dem prez candidate Tulsi Gabbard reverses, and now supports impeachment

--Rep. Maxine Waters says VP Pence and AG Barr were involved in Ukraine “conspiracy”

--NY Times opinionist Michele Goldberg zeroes in on Barr

--her colleague David Brooks says Trump is guilty, but impeachment is a mistake

--Sen. Ron Wyden releases report on NRA wrongdoing in Russia in 2016, repeats false claims about Maria Butina, doesn’t say Russian money was laundered through NRA to support Trump

--new surge in military suicides reported

--in Israeli election horsetrading, NY Times report suggests that Benny Gantz let Netanyahu try to form a government first, expecting him to fail

--at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal takes credit for exposing Venezuelan regime change backer Ricardo Hausmann, who has resigned from bank board

--at Fortress America, the drawbridge is closed, as Trump reduces refugee cap from 30,000 to 18,000 next year

--Trump’s ridiculous asylum deals rely on vulnerable, corrupt leaders in Honduras and Guatemala

--House passes bill to allow legal pot business to use banks

--California’s billionaire Resnicks, who have damaged the environment growing pistachios and grabbing Fiji’s water, donate $750 million to Cal Tech for climate research

--EPA’s phony claims that homeless people are polluting water draw laughter and scorn in California