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PBC News & Comment: Texts Between Envoys Show Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Former US Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker coughs up text threads showing clear link between investigations and delivery of US aid…--as Trump digs himself in deeper, Volker’s texts show he and other officials were trying to placate Trump and Giuliani in effort to keep arms flowing

--read the text messages here

--Ukraine’s new top prosecutor now says he will “audit” previous investigations, but China declines to play Trump’s game

--Adam Schiff’s “unforced errors” are exposed, as WashPost fact checkers say he lied about knowledge of whistleblower claims

--Mitt Romney is lone Republican criticizing Trump

--Trump’s claims about Crowdstrike and server hidden in Ukraine are debunked by Scott Shane in NY Times, using unproven claims from Russiagate

--Inspector General Atkinson is testifying today in closed session of House Intel

--whistleblower files complaint at IRS, related to handling of Trump tax returns

--Norman Solomon tweaks MoveOn for defending the new mystery whistleblower, but not his predecessors

--John Kiriakou is interviewed by Jeff Schectman in new podcast

--CNN rejects 2 ads from Trump campaign as “demonstrably false”

--as violent protests continue in Hong Kong, CNN reports that Trump assured Xi that US won’t criticize the crackdown

--deadly riots continue in Bagdhad

--Brazil’s imprisoned former president, Lula, says he’ll stay there until exonerated

--Supreme Court takes up pretextual abortion restrictions in Louisiana law

--new report calls attacks on science a crisis

--Microsoft reports that Iranian hackers are targeting the Trump campaign

--former Coast Guard officer takes guilty plea, says addiction led him to make threats that prosecutor called “domestic terrorism”

--British film maker Chris Morris releases “The Day Shall Come”, which satirizes so-called domestic terrorism cases