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PBC News & Comment: In Debate, Sanders and Warren Show Biden is in Decline

CNN and NY Times stage another debate that frustrates viewers, covering for Biden while depicting Warren and Sanders as extreme…..--Warren got front-runner treatment, almost everyone else disagreed with her on something

--moderators act as gatekeepers and pro-corporate filters, using Klobuchar as the conserva-Dem this time to hammer Medicare for All

--Tulsi Gabbard only got 8 minutes to speak, and her criticism of CNN and NY Times for smearing her is ignored in NY Times report

--at The Intercept, reporters focus on Biden’s weak performance

--WashPost media writer Margaret Sullivan critiques the debate, and so does Jason Sattler in USA Today

From the impeachment file

--Rudy Giuliani is outed by anonymous White House leakers for repeatedly pressing Trump to trade Fethullah Gulen to Turkey, picking up Mike Flynn’s lobbying work

--former Rep. Pete Sessions is subpoenaed by grand jury investigating Giuliani, and 4th crony is arrested at JFK

--today, former #2 at State Dept, Michael McKinley, is talking to investigators

--acting WH chief of staff Mulvaney is suspected to be the guy who kept the Rudy operation secret from John Bolton

--more of Fiona Hill’s interview leaks, showing tension with Trump buddy Gordon Sondland, who is expected to appear tomorrow

--ProPublica obtains Trump business filings that confirm Michael Cohen’s allegations of double bookkeeping, a nice way of saying “fraud”

--Turkey rebuffs US call for cease fire in Syria, as Erdogan gives Kurds an ultimatum

In other news…

--GM and UAW reach tentative agreement after month strike

--Trump again vetoes bill to end fake border emergency

--3 US diplomats were detained in Russia, near site of nuclear accident in August

--in annual address, Hong Kong leader Lam is heckled by lawmakers