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PBC News & Comment: Twitter Ignores Trump’s Violations As Journalist is Blocked for Sarcasm

Trump has re-tweeted name of “whistleblower” while Yasha Levine is suspended for sarcastic tweet about killing Russians “over there”….--Trump breaks rules with impunity, as “Surveillance Valley” author Yasha Levine battles censorship by robots and unidentified human

--Trump’s tweets and other public comments about disgraced SEAL Eddie Gallagher are contradicted by other SEALs

--Trump trades taunts with Ayatollah Khamenei after US blames Iran for attack on Green Zone embassy in Baghdad

--Donald’s brilliant strategies with Iran and North Korea are not working

--Russia says it is deploying its new hypersonic weapon, seen is signal for new arms control talks

--Netanyahu fends off Likud challenger, as Israeli supreme court defers his plea for immunity from corruption trials

--Turkey’s strongman Erdogan gets approval to enter Libyan war

--Turkey detains 7 over violations by crew that snuck former Nissan CEO Ghosn out of Japan to Beirut, via Istanbul

--in fresh interview, investigative reporters Peter Byrne and Will Carruthers expose Rebuild Northbay Foundation as front group set up by PG&E lobbyist Darius Anderson

--Trump’s favorite movement media, One America News, amplifies Trump’s talking points with Rudy Giuliani’s “evidence”; you can watch the agitprop here

--WashPost exposes redactions from OMB docs that show resistance to Trump’s order to delay Ukraine aid

--Biden first said he would reject impeachment subpoena, then walks it back, then he said he would consider Republican running mate

--media blackout on Bernie Sanders eases, but corporate media still pushing Mayor Pete, as Julian Castro drops out of the race

--as we start 2020, Shadowproof and The Intercept haven’t forgotten about Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

--Google has enough cash stashed offshore, will end its use of “double Irish Dutch sandwich” tax dodge

--Google’s human rights advisor was fired, he says for opposing new plan to serve China with censored service; he’s running for Senate against Susan Collins of Maine

--devastating wildfires leave wide swaths of Australia charred

--campy San Francisco musical drops curtain after 45 years