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PBC News & Comment: Amid Trump’s Threats and Pompeo’s Lies, Iran Readies Retaliation

Iran has 13 US targets, Trump has 52 Iranian targets, and MSM slams Trump as it approves of Suleimani’s assassination…..--Trump stages photo op with 52 F-35 bombers, says timing is coincidental, as survivors of the 1979 hostage crisis say “leave us out of this”

--Pompeo derides reports that Suleimani was on diplomatic mission supported by Trump

--at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar adds details to the “peace mission” angle, which has been buried by corporate media

--WashPost columnist Jennifer Rubin opines that Pompeo is lying about his lies

--Lee Fang exposes arms industry ties of military experts who are all over TV news

--Kevin Gosztola tracks recent comments of disgraced Gen. Petraeus

--and in prior report, Gosztola zeroes in on State Dept. propaganda

--Rachel Maddow does her part, in softball interview of Elizabeth Warren

--oops, US tells Iraq to ignore that letter about US troops leaving

--matching US moves, Iran names Pentagon brass “terrorists”

--Defense Secretary and former Raytheon exec Mark Esper bucks Trump, says we will not attack cultural sites, and Mitch McConnell agrees

--Iran says it will only strike military targets

--50 dies in stampede during funeral procession in Suleimani’s hometown

--US won’t allow Iran's Foreign minister to address UN on Thursday

--listener Jerry Fresia shares interesting analysis from Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists

--after Daddy said US has “God on our side”, Trump Junior posts picture holding assault rifle and sporting crusader cross

--in new in-depth interview, author Tom Mueller talks about his new book on whistleblowers, and blames both parties for their treatment

--pressure mounts on Pelosi to deliver articles of impeachment, without agreement on witnesses in Senate trial

--earthquake swarm hits Puerto Rico: yesterday 5.8 and today 6.4

--after being shut out of Assembly by Maduro allies, Juan Guaido restates his phony claim of being legit president of Venezuela

--Libya in flux as Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan meet to talk about it

--based on 60 Minutes report, WhoWhatWhy continues to question the “suicide "of Jeffrey Epstein