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PBC News & Comment: Amid Trump’s Threats and Pompeo’s Lies, Iran Readies Retaliation

Iran has 13 US targets, Trump has 52 Iranian targets, and MSM slams Trump as it approves of Suleimani’s assassination…..–Trump stages photo op with 52 F-35 bombers, says timing is coincidental, as survivors of the 1979 hostage crisis say “leave us out of this”

–Pompeo derides reports that Suleimani was on diplomatic mission supported by Trump

–at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar adds details to the “peace mission” angle, which has been buried by corporate media

WashPost columnist Jennifer Rubin opines that Pompeo is lying about his lies

–Lee Fang exposes arms industry ties of military experts who are all over TV news

–Kevin Gosztola tracks recent comments of disgraced Gen. Petraeus

–and in prior report, Gosztola zeroes in on State Dept. propaganda

–Rachel Maddow does her part, in softball interview of Elizabeth Warren

–oops, US tells Iraq to ignore that letter about US troops leaving

–matching US moves, Iran names Pentagon brass “terrorists”

–Defense Secretary and former Raytheon exec Mark Esper bucks Trump, says we will not attack cultural sites, and Mitch McConnell agrees

–Iran says it will only strike military targets

–50 dies in stampede during funeral procession in Suleimani’s hometown

–US won’t allow Iran’s Foreign minister to address UN on Thursday

–listener Jerry Fresia shares interesting analysis from Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists

–after Daddy said US has “God on our side”, Trump Junior posts picture holding assault rifle and sporting crusader cross

–in new in-depth interview, author Tom Mueller talks about his new book on whistleblowers, and blames both parties for their treatment

–pressure mounts on Pelosi to deliver articles of impeachment, without agreement on witnesses in Senate trial

–earthquake swarm hits Puerto Rico: yesterday 5.8 and today 6.4

–after being shut out of Assembly by Maduro allies, Juan Guaido restates his phony claim of being legit president of Venezuela

–Libya in flux as Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan meet to talk about it

–based on 60 Minutes report, WhoWhatWhy continues to question the “suicide “of Jeffrey Epstein