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PBC News & Comment: Impeachable—Second Report Confirms Trump Threatened to Have Iraqi Leader Killed

Whitney Webb at MintPress confirms report shared here last week: Trump demanded Iraqi oil and more, threatened Iraqi PM with death…--you can read the MintPress report here , and the previous report here

--Grayzone’s Ben Norton is first American to report attempted plot by Brazil to take down Maduro in Venezuela last month

--impeachment based on Ukraine scheme moves forward, as Trump adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to legal team

--and Monica Lewinsky responds, “are you fucking kidding me?

--Ron Fein, constitutional lawyer and co-author of impeachment book, comments on possible secret ballots and other aspects of Senate trial

--Ukraine investigates claim by Lev Parnas of surveillance of Ambassador Yovanovich, as Zelenskey ally tries to resign after audio leak of criticism

--Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Biden and Warren in new national poll

--NY Times gives fair recap of Warren’s attacks on Sanders, except for CNN’s role

--at The American Conservative, Barbara Boland skewers Warren’s recent moves

--and Sanders supporter Norman Solomon tries to calm both sides

--in Iran, Khameini gives rare sermon, attacks US

--Chinese social media hosts debate between Iran and US

--at WhoWhatWhy, my colleague Jeff Schectman interviews Prof. Stephen Zunes of USF about Trump’s brinksmanship

--Taliban leaders propose reduction in violence to promote peace talks

--Scott Ritter shares an anecdote about American lies and fumbles in Afghanistan

--just like in America, Australia’s PM tried to silence environmental critics before the wildfires broke out

--British social scientist Prof. Jem Bendell argues that it’s time to plan adaptation to climate change

--NYC considers plan to build massive sea wall offshore

--Germany commits to phase out coal over next 18 years

--long read: WashPost reporters detail the meeting where Gen. Mattis called Trump “fucking moron”