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PBC News & Comment: Impeachable—Second Report Confirms Trump Threatened to Have Iraqi Leader Killed

Whitney Webb at MintPress confirms report shared here last week: Trump demanded Iraqi oil and more, threatened Iraqi PM with death…–you can read the MintPress report here , and the previous report here

Grayzone’s Ben Norton is first American to report attempted plot by Brazil to take down Maduro in Venezuela last month

–impeachment based on Ukraine scheme moves forward, as Trump adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to legal team

–and Monica Lewinsky responds, “are you fucking kidding me?

–Ron Fein, constitutional lawyer and co-author of impeachment book, comments on possible secret ballots and other aspects of Senate trial

–Ukraine investigates claim by Lev Parnas of surveillance of Ambassador Yovanovich, as Zelenskey ally tries to resign after audio leak of criticism

–Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Biden and Warren in new national poll

NY Times gives fair recap of Warren’s attacks on Sanders, except for CNN’s role

–at The American Conservative, Barbara Boland skewers Warren’s recent moves

–and Sanders supporter Norman Solomon tries to calm both sides

–in Iran, Khameini gives rare sermon, attacks US

–Chinese social media hosts debate between Iran and US

–at WhoWhatWhy, my colleague Jeff Schectman interviews Prof. Stephen Zunes of USF about Trump’s brinksmanship

–Taliban leaders propose reduction in violence to promote peace talks

–Scott Ritter shares an anecdote about American lies and fumbles in Afghanistan

–just like in America, Australia’s PM tried to silence environmental critics before the wildfires broke out

–British social scientist Prof. Jem Bendell argues that it’s time to plan adaptation to climate change

–NYC considers plan to build massive sea wall offshore

–Germany commits to phase out coal over next 18 years

–long read: WashPost reporters detail the meeting where Gen. Mattis called Trump “fucking moron”