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PBC News & Comment: Bloomberg Buys Spot on Vegas Debate Stage

Las Vegas is fitting scene for billionaire con man to make his first debate appearance, after flooding media, politicians w/cash….--in massive astroturf effort, Bloomberg buys influence and support, seducing many Democrats and setting up 2-way socialist vs oligarch race

--NY Times exposes how Bloomberg’s money and influence led Emily’s List and Center for American Progress to censor reports critical of Bloomberg

--Grand Theft: Wall Street—Bloomie steals transaction tax promoted by Sanders and Warren

--Paul Krugman blasts Bloomberg for claiming that liberals caused 2008 meltdown

--also at NY Times, Jamelle Bouie compares Trump’s record of racism to Mayor Mike

--in fresh podcast, democracy activist Adam Eichen has strong comments about Bloomberg

--Sanders has ramped up his criticism of Bloomberg at recent rallies

--media demonization of Sanders continues unabated

--Haaretz columnist says AIPAC’s effort to stop Bernie is complicated by Trump

--after journalist Abby Martin sued over Georgia’s anti-BDS law, she got chilling tweet from Netanyahu’s office

--Whitney Webb reveals NY surveillance center is run by Israeli companies

--Trump ignores advisors’ fears about exporting US technology to China

--on Friday, mistrial was declared in case against Venezuelan Embassy Protectors due to hung jury

--as judges are alarmed by Trump’s brazen interference, sentencing of Roger Stone will happen Thursday on schedule

--more than 1,000 former prosecutors demand resignation of AG Bill Barr

--Trump pardons form SF 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo

--NSA whistleblower Reality Winner asks Trump for clemency