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PBC News & Comment: In Bloomberg’s First Debate, Bernie Benefits

Surging in state, national polls, Sanders would be target in Las Vegas debate, but Bloomberg will draw most of the fire…--Bloomie has lots of ‘splainin’ to do, and polls show broad support for Sanders despite the media memes of unelectability and “Bernie Bros”

--NY Times opinionist Ross Douthat made a strong case against Bloomberg

--Bloomberg’s indefensible quote of the day is about trans people

--at The Atlantic, we learn that Bernie confronted Obama about social security cuts, and considered a challenge in 2012

--Liza Featherstone says attacks on Sanders supporters have gone from “the ridiculous to the deranged”

--FAIR reviews NPR’s negative coverage of Sanders

--in Pennsylvania, a Biden supporter quits Young Democrats and blames “Bernie Bros” she provoked

--and Caitlin Johnstone explains why the Bernie Bros attacks continue

--Sanders spokeswoman walks back claim about Bloomberg “heart attack”

--Buttigieg responds to homophobic comments from Limbaugh, encouraged by Trump

--in latest podcast about gerrymandering, David Daley shares the files of GOP redistricting guru Thomas Hofeller

--Bill Barr is threatening to quit as Trump’s Roy Cohn—is he bluffing?

--Trump pardoned a rogue’s gallery of well-connected white guys

--San Francisco sports writer Al Saracevic figures out why Trump pardoned former NFL owner Eddie DeBartolo

--Trump reportedly dangled a pardon to Julian Assange, according to testimony in preliminary extradition proceeding

--Chelsea Manning, who remains locked up for refusing to testify against Assange, makes new demand for release

--in Afghanistan, long-stalled election tally shows incumbent Ashraf Ghani won

--cease-fire talks upended in Libya, as former (?) CIA asset Hifter faces torture suit in US court

--at The Grayzone, Aaron Maté has evidence of OPCW lies and coverup in Douma investigation

--in Canada, twin protests of natural gas pipeline give Trudeau heartburn

--Utah state senate moves to decriminalize polygamy