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PBC News & Comment: Strange Days Have Found Us

Panicked, selfish Americans are hoarding food and bum wipes, but in less than 48 hours, 7,000 Americans erased Chelsea Manning’s court fines….–US is heading toward shutdown, which Dr. Fauci is calling for

–our valued listener and Covid-19 editor Linda Lewis made a powerful statement on Facebook

–Most primaries set for Tuesday will be held, but expect very low turnout

–serious political comedy deprivation till further notice, as most TV shows go on hiatus

–Tucker Carlson is credited with moving Trump out of denial-and-con-the-public mode

–GOP never-Trumper Peter Wehner says “The Trump Presidency Is Over

–increasingly desperate Netanyahu calls for emergency government, and reveals spying on Israelis as rival Gantz is tapped to try to form new administration

–the Fed cut interest rates to near zero, used most of its other tricks, and the Dow still dropped another 13% today

–Wall Streeter Ruchir Sharma says bloated government and corporate debt is at risk from pandemic

–as airline industry asks for $50 billion handout, Columbia Prof. Tim Wu says don’t feel sorry for them

–Scott Ritter offers detailed analysis of the oil market crash, induced by Russia

–in 2-man debate—probably the last one—Sanders and Biden address the pandemic, and Bernie jabs at Joe without a knockdown

–Biden pledges to name woman running mate, and a black woman to Supreme Court

–we cite a range of commentary on the debate, notably that Biden was coherent, as Bernie gaffed by confusing coronavirus with Ebola 2.5 times

–Nathan Robinson gets it right in Guardian op-ed

–WashPost Stop Bernie columnist Jennifer Rubin uses new poll to dismiss Sanders

exit poll data from Michigan doesn’t match the vote tally, like in other states

–the screen shot showing Sanders losing 303,000 defies the math