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PBC News & Comment: Colin Kaepernick Signs as Starter, With Disney!

San Francisco’s former starting quarterback signs deal with Disney to create reports and features on race, social injustice, equity….–from Seattle, our correspondent Jonah Lehto recaps the turbulent month-long occupation of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in fresh, in-depth podcast

–racial tensions continue in Bloomington Indiana, in another case of car being used to ram protesters

–LA Times reports that only 8% of calls to LAPD relate to violent crimes

–July 4 holiday weekend was bloody, with a jump in the number of shootings, and wave of dead children

–Scott Ritter does an impressive unpacking of the RussiaBountyGate story at ConsortiumNews

–new lawsuit accuses US companies of supporting the Taliban by making “insurance” payments-as colleges plan online classes for this fall, foreign students will be denied visas, must attend from home countries

–federal appeals court slams Trump’s phony third-nation asylum policy

–employees of Immigration unit face layoffs due to revenue shortfalls from fees paid by immigrants

–US companies warily restrict requests from Hong Kong for user info

–Facebook meets with civil rights groups in wake of stunning ad boycott by 750 companies and Dems hammer “unkept promises”

–Opioid predator Purdue Pharma, using dubious bankruptcy to protect its owners, is still making political contributions

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–as top prison health official is removed, California makes late efforts to deal with outbreak at San Quentin and other prisons

–new reports of small bubonic plague outbreak from China

–Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) pesters State Dept for Ukraine files

–Spain appears to be key partner in US regime-change ops in Venezuela

–in new family secrets book, Mary Trump says her uncle is a narcissistic asshole

–The Onion rebukes looters for failing to first form private equity groups