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PBC News & Comment: Giuliani’s Manopause Moment Captures the Idiocy of Election Challenge

Dripping sweat and hair color, Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre press conference delivered more sweeping claims, sans evidence as Trump pressures Michigan legislators…--the desperate post-election drama hits new lows, and even Tucker Carlson is admitting there’s no evidence of election count rigging

--after premature release, Georgia certifies Biden’s win and Gov. Kemp says he will OK it

--campaigning for Georgia senators, VP Pence appears resigned, nostalgic

--Trump’s unprecedented lobbying of Michigan lawmakers is underway at our deadline

--partial recount now underway in Wisconsin

--Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander calls for transition to proceed, as former colleague Bob Corker slams GOP silence

--despite multiple lower court interventions, SCOTUS allowed execution of Orlando Hall last night

--SCOTUS agrees to postpone hearing on House request for Mueller grand jury materials

--in our next Last Interview, Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping comments on climate action, police reform activism, Black Friday and more

--at ConsortiumNews, Kevin Gosztola handicaps likely Biden appointments, and they’re not progressives

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Catholic bishops avoid dealing with recent report that soils the reputation of St. Pope John Paul II

--Iran warns Trump that US attack could bring “full-fledged war”

--from New Jersey to California and Oregon, there’s a wave of drug legalization that includes psychedelics