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PBC News & Comment: Giuliani’s Manopause Moment Captures the Idiocy of Election Challenge

Dripping sweat and hair color, Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre press conference delivered more sweeping claims, sans evidence as Trump pressures Michigan legislators…–the desperate post-election drama hits new lows, and even Tucker Carlson is admitting there’s no evidence of election count rigging

–after premature release, Georgia certifies Biden’s win and Gov. Kemp says he will OK it

–campaigning for Georgia senators, VP Pence appears resigned, nostalgic

–Trump’s unprecedented lobbying of Michigan lawmakers is underway at our deadline

–partial recount now underway in Wisconsin

–Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander calls for transition to proceed, as former colleague Bob Corker slams GOP silence

–despite multiple lower court interventions, SCOTUS allowed execution of Orlando Hall last night

–SCOTUS agrees to postpone hearing on House request for Mueller grand jury materials

–in our next Last Interview, Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping comments on climate action, police reform activism, Black Friday and more

–at ConsortiumNews, Kevin Gosztola handicaps likely Biden appointments, and they’re not progressives

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

Catholic bishops avoid dealing with recent report that soils the reputation of St. Pope John Paul II

–Iran warns Trump that US attack could bring “full-fledged war”

–from New Jersey to California and Oregon, there’s a wave of drug legalization that includes psychedelics