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PBC Last Interview: Joe Lauria and Ray McGovern on Russiagate and Julian Assange

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Joe Lauria, Editor-in-chief at ConsortiumNews, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern return to talk about Robert Parry, Russiagate and Assange.Lauria and McGovern have been frequent contributors to this podcast, and join me today to reflect on the legacy of Robert Parry, the remarkable journalist and founder of Consortium.  Before he died in early 2018, Parry had written 4 articles challenging the Russiagate narrative, and criticizing corporate media outlets for promoting it.

We discuss the lies, omissions and disinformation of the Russian meddling meme, and how media malpractice enabled Trump to attack the media for “fake news”.  We separate out the different sources for Democratic emails that were released in 2016, and point out that the emails were accurate and undoctored, and reveal potentially criminal behavior.  McGovern notes that Mueller never interviewed Assange or Craig Murray, who offered to explain how DNC emails got to WikiLeaks, and that Crowdstrike CEO Shawn Henry admitted under oath that there was no evidence of “exfiltration” of data from DNC servers.

We talk about the travesty of the Assange extradition hearings this fall, and the greater travesty that US corporate media outlets imposed a virtual blackout on a case that could impact their own ability to publish leaked materials in the future.

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